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At center STAGE
Summer 2015

Student theater and improv comedy thrive at WSU thanks to alumni and faculty like Ben Gonzales and Ray Franz.

Categories: Performing arts
Tags: Theatre, Comedy, Acting

Ted Tremper ’04—The art of improv
Winter 2014

Ted Tremper started with comedy improv at WSU and a decade later he's an actor, web television filmmaker, and veteran of The Second City.

Categories: Alumni, Performing arts
Tags: Comedians, Comedy, Acting

Second Acts
Winter 2013

Retired librarian Bunny Levine moved to LA to follow her dream of being in the movies. She and others have found that redefining retirement can lead to greater health and happiness.

Categories: Alumni, Business, Performing arts
Tags: Retirement, Second careers

Short Shakespeareans
Summer 2004
In a scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream, Demetrius calls for a sword. His request produces instead a yellow rubber chicken tossed from off stage."Shakespeare should be fun," says Sherry Chastain Schreck, founding director of the "Short Shakespea...
Categories: Performing arts
Tags: Children, Theatre, Shakespeare

Happy in Hollywood, actor Larkin Campbell loves what he's doing
Spring 2004
It's a dark drama, set in a desert. The lead character, Zack, runs into some bad guys, and he's in real trouble. The name of the movie, an independent production, is short and catchy: Nowhere.But the actor playing Zack, Larkin Campbell, hopes the ...
Categories: Alumni, Performing arts
Tags: Film, Acting

Wings to Fly
Fall 2003
Mia Song Swartwood hovered over the Gladish Auditorium stage on pointe, adorned in vibrant plumage of gold, teal, and purple, arms stretched skyward, joyous in flight. Cast in the lead role of The Sparrow Queen, the May 10 inaugural production of ...
Categories: Performing arts
Tags: Dance

Dancing for the Gods
Fall 2002
On a recent spring evening, the audience at Daggy Hall was mesmerized by a rare glimpse of a complex and ancient culture. For more than two hours, Raji Soundararajan, who by day is a research associate with the Center for Materials Research, dance...
Categories: Performing arts
Tags: India, Dance

Whispered prayers
Fall 2002
On the floor of Beasley Performing Arts Coliseum, Native American children dressed in full regalia run off steam before the grand dance at the Pah-Loots-Pu Powwow this Saturday night in April. One of them is Red Bear McCloud, the 5-year-old son of...
Categories: Performing arts, Cultural studies
Tags: Native Americans, Dance

An instrument most rare
Summer 2002
As soon as he touched the keys of the Fazioli, Gerald Berthiaume knew he was playing a magnificent piano. He found its construction and luxurious sound far superior to the better known Steinway.Berthiaume discovered the instrument while shopping fo...
Categories: Performing arts
Tags: Music

"You'll miss it"
Spring 2002
“I liked science classes because they were applicable, and I’ve always been logical. But music adds some structure."Nothing navigates the left brain-right brain divide more effectively than guilt and loyalty.For proof, just pick the br...
Categories: Performing arts, WSU students, Biological sciences
Tags: Music, Students