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Elaine Thomas ’76—Showing some metal
Summer 2015

Elaine Thomas broke ground as a top metallurgist, a traditionally male field, researching and making high-quality metal castings.

Categories: Alumni, Materials engineering
Tags: Metallurgy, Women

More energy (and other stuff) from wood
Winter 2012

WSU researchers are trying to wring a whole new suite of uses from wood, including jet fuel and other alternatives to petroleum-based products.

Categories: Materials engineering
Tags: Wood, Renewable, Biomass, Biofuels

Building the Perfect Bone
Summer 2003
Categories: Materials engineering
Tags: Bones

Small and smaller
Fall 2002
There’s a limit to how small a piece of chocolate chip cookie you can have. At some point, you’ll either have a piece of chocolate or a piece of cookie, but not a piece of chocolate chip cookie.You run into the same problem if you...
Categories: Materials engineering
Tags: Nanotechnology