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John Barleycorn lives
Summer 2015

Barley, around since the dawn of agriculture, has fallen on hard times. Kevin Murphy and Mary Palmer Sullivan are trying to change that.

Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Barley, Beer

Billions to Be Served
Summer 2015

Scientists and chefs at the WSU Mount Vernon Research Center’s Bread Lab study local grains and traditional baking techniques to make a better loaf.

Categories: Food, Agriculture, WSU Extension
Tags: WSU Mount Vernon Research Center, Bread, Wheat, Small farms

Winter Greens—Beyond the kale
Spring 2015

Kale's growing popularity leads to a look into a whole world of winter greens, such as Salanova and chicory.

Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Salanova, Winter greens, Kale

Holiday Sparklers and Caviar
Winter 2014

Sparkling wine and caviar add zest to the holidays. Washington is now home to some fine sparklers, while WSU researchers work on sustainable caviar.

Categories: Food
Tags: Caviar, Sparkling wine

The Brussels sprout
Fall 2014

The finicky and demanding Brussels sprout requires care and attention, but appeals to cooks who steam, fry, roast, or braise them.

Categories: Food
Tags: Brussels sprouts

Let Food Be Thy Medicine
Fall 2014

What we eat can help us fight infection, combat cancer, and address disease. A number of Washington State University scientists explore the medical benefits of a cornucopia of crops.

Categories: Agriculture, Food, Health sciences
Tags: Cancer, Nutrition

Summer 2014

Salmon are a major part of the region’s culture and cuisine, as five Washington State University faculty and alumni can attest.

Categories: Food
Tags: Fishing, Salmon

A matter of taste
Summer 2014

The e-tongue can outdo the human organ as it quickly detects and characterizes flavors when it tastes food and wine. 

Categories: Food, Culinary Arts
Tags: Taste, Flavors

What about buckwheat?
Spring 2014

Washington state leads the nation in producing buckwheat, the nutritious and nutty-tasting main ingredient of soba and other foods. WSU researchers are studying this oft-overlooked crop. 

Categories: Food
Tags: Cooking, Soba, Buckwheat

Winter 2013
“I was determined to know beans.” —Thoreau, Walden Having abandoned journalism and returned to her family’s farm on Whidbey Island, Georgie Smith ’93 started gardening, and one thing led to another. Smith had at least two things going...
Categories: Food, Agriculture
Tags: Beans, Dry beans

Washington’s Sweet Corn Secret
Fall 2013

Washington is surprisingly one of the largest sweet corn producers in the United States. With irrigation, corn fits in nicely with the crop rotation in central Washington.

Categories: Food, Agriculture
Tags: Corn

Juice Grapes
Summer 2013

Almost half of all juice grapes is grown in Washington's Yakima Valley. The Concord grape, the primary source for grape juice had a long journey from Massachusetts before getting established in the West.

Categories: Food, Agriculture
Tags: Grapes, Juice grapes

Greg Blanchard—On timing and taste
Summer 2013

WSU executive chef Greg Blanchard shares his knowledge and experience of cooking at the university for 25 years, as he approaches retirement this July.

Categories: WSU history, Food, Culinary Arts
Tags: WSU staff, Chef, Cooking, Dining halls

Let everyone eat bread
Summer 2013

WSU researchers are deciphering the genetic codes of wheat to develop a gluten-free wheat that celiac disease patients can eat.

Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Genetics, Gluten free wheat, Celiac disease

The Essential Egg
Spring 2013

More than a century ago, Washington State College's chicken farming course helped Judson Wilcox and others start up what would become Washington's 1.9 billion-egg-a-year industry.

Categories: WSU Extension, Food, Agriculture
Tags: Puyallup, Chickens, Poultry, Eggs

How Washington tastes: The Apple meets Cougar Gold
Spring 2013

One need not be an expert taster to appreciate the chemistry between the apple and Cougar Gold.

Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Taste, Cougar Gold cheese, Apples, Horticulture, Cheese

A place of taste
Winter 2012

The local food scene is evolving and growing in Jefferson County on Washington's Olympic Peninsula.

Categories: Food, Agriculture
Tags: Organic foods, Local food

Winter 2012

Maybe it onions are so fundamental that we take them for granted, chopping and ingesting them as casually as we breathe air or drink water, but some Washington farmers pay a lot of attention to onions.

Categories: Food
Tags: Onions

Summer Blues
Fall 2012

Glenn Aldrich ’58, ’62 carries on a family tradition of growing blueberries in Lewis County. The blueberry's popularity due to its healthy properties has helped production triple in Washington in recent years.

Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Blueberries

Summer 2012
The cultivation of raspberries is, compared to that of other fruits, a relatively recent endeavor. Rubus idaeus, “the bramble bush of Ida,” purportedly grew on the slopes of Mount Ida and was enjoyed by the residents of the city of Troy. Ida,...
Categories: Food, Agriculture
Tags: Breeding, Horticulture, Raspberries

Eat your broccoli or no cookie: Feeding styles and childhood obesity
Spring 2012
Ever try to get a child to stop munching potato chips and eat some carrots? That push toward healthier foods can sometimes contribute to familial strife, make it difficult for children to tell when they are full, and even increase the p...
Categories: Health sciences, Food
Tags: Eating, Nutrition, Parenting, Children

A Cattle Drive
Spring 2012
Penn Cove may be known for its mussels, but just across the Whidbey Island bay from Coupeville is another operation—the Muzzall family farm, known to local grass-fed beef fans as the Three Sisters Cattle...
Food, Agriculture
Tags: Farmers, Beef, Cattle

A Feast of Good Things
Spring 2012

How do we Washingtonians eat? The author travels from farm to table to explore and explain Washington cuisine.

Categories: Food, Agriculture, Culinary Arts
Tags: Cuisine, Northwest history, Restaurants, Farmers, Farmers markets

Wheat: A 10,000-year relationship
Winter 2011
A while back, George DePasquale visited the ancient Italian city of Pompeii, not far from his ancestral home of Sorrento. Looking at a 2,000-year-old oven, DePasquale could easily imagine how its baker prepared and baked bread much as he does toda...
Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Bread, Baking, Wheat

Billions Served
Fall 2011

Seven billion people will soon become nine billion before the global population levels off. Can so many people be fed from a finite Earth? Yes, they can, say WSU researchers. But the solutions will necessarily be many.

Categories: Social work, Food, Agriculture
Tags: Population, Hunger, Wheat, International development

Fall 2011
It’s a rare fruit that can fit in the palm of your hand or grace your table with colorful aplomb and also grow to the size of a small car. But such is the pumpkin. Our long Northwest days are a dream for growing the embodiment of Americ...
Categories: Food
Tags: Pumpkins

Summer 2011
Although a wine and carrot pairing is not immediately obvious, it is intriguing that carrots and wine grapes appreciate the same environmental conditions. In fact, Horse Heaven Hills, Washington’s newest viticultural region, is also hom...
Categories: Food, Agriculture
Tags: Recipe, Carrots

Dungeness crab
Spring 2011
A few weeks ago, Brian Toste ’99 and his three-man crew set out from Westport, in southwest Washington, in Toste’s 45-foot vessel Huntress in search of Dungeness crab. They spent the first few days tying line and setting out ...
Categories: Business, Food
Tags: Commercial fishermen, Fishing, Dungeness, Crab

Kim Fay ’88—Communion: A Culinary Journey through Vietnam
Spring 2011
Any prospective reader of Kim Fay’s book about Vietnamese food should be forewarned. Her descriptions are awfully good. In the city of Hue, following her first exposure to com hen, or clam rice, which was served to her Vietnamese-hot, well be...
Categories: Food, Alumni
Tags: Vietnam, Cooking, Travel

Letters for Winter 2010
Winter 2010
Walla Walla SweetsI really enjoyed your article on Walla Walla Sweet Onions in the Fall 2010 Washington State Magazine. It brought back a lot of memories of working at the Walla Walla Produce Company, a wholesale fruit and produce company that my...
Categories: Alumni, Food
Tags: Letters, Onions, Cougar Smokies sausage

Winter 2010
Although Middle Eastern cooks who found themselves in the United States undoubtedly found sources of such a vital ingredient, it wasn’t until the last couple of decades that the chickpea made its way into the American diet and moved up from t...
Categories: Food, Agriculture
Tags: Chickpeas, Garbanzo beans, Hummus

Joe Fugere ’84—Feeding his interests
Winter 2010
Joe Fugere opened Tutta Bella pizzeria in Columbia City in 2004. A veteran of several Northwest-based companies, including Starbucks and Taco Time, he decided it was time to go into business for himself and produce true traditional Naples-st...
Categories: Food, Culinary Arts, Alumni
Tags: Pizza, Restaurants

The meat of the matter
Fall 2010
Dan Snyder can remember when local grocery stores would only buy one case of Cougar Brand Smokies at a time. Now, it’s unusual for them to buy fewer than three or four. And when they run out, the Washington State University Meats Lab manage...
Categories: Food, Agriculture
Tags: Meats, Cougar Smokies sausage

Walla Walla Sweets
Fall 2010
When retired French soldier Pete Pieri settled in Walla Walla around the turn of the 20th century, he planted onion seed he had brought from Corsica. His new neighbors, Italian gardeners who had settled there earlier, admired the ability of the...
Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Walla Walla Sweets, Onions

The best berries
Summer 2010
These are not your ordinary grocery store strawberries. They are nothing like those California berries, bred for size, long truck rides, and shelf-life, locked in plastic clamshells under the florescent lights of the produce section,. The berries...
Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Skagit Valley, Strawberry, Strawberries, Fruit

Finally, a Washington apple
Spring 2010
A Washington apple? you say. You might respond, correctly, that Washington and apples are almost synonymous. After all, we produce more than half of the nation’s eating apples. Visit a market in Mexico, Thailand, Houston, or Saudi Arabia, and...
Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Horticulture, Apples

How we eat is what we are
Winter 2009
In the 1960s, 24.3 percent of Americans were overweight. Now, over 60 percent of us are. Even though other countries are hot on our heels, we are still the plumpest folk in the world. Does it matter?
Categories: Food, Economics, Health sciences, Biological sciences
Tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Food, Exercise, Diabetes

Is organic more nutritious?
Winter 2009
This summer saw the publication of a study of the nutritional value of organic versus conventional foods by scientists with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Based on a review of 55 articles they judged of satisfactory quality, t...
Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Organic foods, Nutrition

Cultivated thought
Winter 2009
Cultivated thought : : Near the end of an otherwise lackluster speech to the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society in September 1859, Abraham Lincoln suddenly shifted gears heading into his peroration.Having compared two conflicting theories of lab...
Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Nutrition

Winter 2009
Displaced by the salmon and eclipsed by the oyster, the clam is perhaps the forgotten star of the Puget Sound. But once it was the main seafood symbol of the region. Even before restaurateur Ivar Haglund made his “Acres of Clams” restaurant a ...
Categories: Food
Tags: Clams

Washington potatoes
Fall 2009
Judging by his occasional ribald references to the potato, Shakespeare considered the exotic tuber primarily as an aphrodisiac. Although the time of the potato’s introduction to Europe from the New World is not clear, recent scholarship has dete...
Categories: Food
Tags: Potatoes

Spring is the season for chèvre
Summer 2009
After a winter’s break, the goats at Rhonda Gothberg’s farm have kidded and their milk is rich and sweet. The soft French-style cheese she makes is delicious with just a nuance of that goat tang. Maybe it’s because the animals have added ten...
Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Goats, Cheese

Spring 2009
Local. Delicious. Neglected. Our first night in the Yucatan this past December, my wife ordered lentil soup. Flavored with bacon and garnished with plantain and lime, it was delicious. Odds are that it was made with Pardina lentils grown here ...
Categories: Food
Tags: Lentils

Rethinking the Fundamentals
Winter 2008
Feeding the world may require us to use old knowledge in new ways. Although the prices of fuel and commodities have dropped since early summer, the volatility of their relationship will surely dog us for the foreseeable future. While stock prices may temporarily overshadow food prices in the public consciousness, some farmers and researchers are looking at different ways of doing business, perhaps moving the land-grant university back to its founding purpose.
Categories: Food, Agriculture
Tags: Biofuels, Food costs

A Season for Seeds
Winter 2008
STRANGE THINGS sprout in Skagit Valley's fields: Monster plants with six-foot stalks covered with yellow flowers, delicate ferny-leaved things with round white heads holding hundreds of tiny blossoms, and unruly tangles of leaves, spears, and spik...
Categories: Food, Agriculture
Tags: Seeds

Reconsidering the oyster
Fall 2008
FOR AN OYSTER LOVER, speeding down the Willapa River in an open boat toward Willapa Bay and its oyster beds must be like approaching the Celestial City. Even if it is cold for May, and gray, and spitting rain, everyone in the boat is smiling beat...
Categories: Food
Tags: Oysters

A taste of history
Spring 2008
Methow Valley, best known for its miles of Nordic skiing and other outdoor recreation, has developed a new note, one that lands it in Seattle's culinary scene. The rare heritage grains from Sam and Brooke Lucy's Bluebird Grain farms have found the...
Categories: Food
Tags: Emmer, Heritage grains

Winter 2007
There are few things finer than a perfectly ripened pear. We Washingtonians are thus among the luckiest people on earth, because after wide geographical and temporal wandering, the pear seems to have found its true home in our state.That being so,...
Categories: Food
Tags: Pears

Behold the blackberry
Fall 2007
Blackberry is a flavor of fall in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you sample blackberries straight from the bush, still warm from the sun, or bake it into a pie and top it with a cool scoop of ice cream, it's a deep, sweet taste that conjures up th...
Categories: Food
Tags: Blackberry

It's rhubarb pie time!
Summer 2007
Barry Swanson, professor of food science, and I see eye to eye on at least one significant issue. We like our rhubarb pie to be made exclusively with rhubarb. NOT strawberries. Just rhubarb.However, Swanson actually prefers his rhubarb as sauce, ov...
Categories: Food
Tags: Rhubarb

Foraged foods: Serving up a traditional meal from the Columbia plateau
Spring 2007
In a wooded spot a half-mile from Washington State University's Pullman campus, an older woman with long braids and an apron emblazoned with the words "got buns?" tended an alderwood fire. Geraldine Jim, a salmon expert from the Warm Springs Reser...
Categories: Food
Tags: Forage, Native Americans

What color is your potato?
Winter 2006
Remember when picking a potato was easy? You had your choice: bake or boil?Today there are dozens of decisions. Waxy? dry? fingerling? yellow? red? blue? banana?That world of choice started the early 1980s, when the Yukon Gold emerged from a breed...
Categories: Food
Tags: Potatoes

In watermelon heaven
Fall 2006
If sublimity is a perfectly ripe watermelon, then where do 101 varieties take you?I used to think watermelon was pretty much watermelon. Aside from some variability in ripeness and sweetness, you taste one, you taste them all. I am pleased to repo...
Categories: Food
Tags: Watermelon

Eating well to save the Sound
Summer 2006
The Puget Sound region's 3.8 million population is expected to increase to 5.2 million within the next 15 years. If Puget Sound is to survive that growth, we must change our lives. That, and eat more shellfish.
Categories: Biological sciences, Earth sciences, Food, Health sciences
Tags: Animal behavior, Food, Oysters, Water

Cherries—The sweet fruit of worry
Summer 2006
In March, Don Olmstead Jr. ('70 Hort.) watches over his cherry trees night and day, ready to activate a heating system or switch on the wind machines to protect the tender buds from a killing frost. It's a task he shares with his son and business ...
Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Horticulture, Cherries

Eat more garlic
Spring 2006
If there's just one thing you plant in your garden, make it garlic.For one thing, it's extraordinarily easy to grow. Plant it around Columbus Day. Cover it with mulch. Or don't. Water it now and then when it starts growing again in the spring. And...
Categories: Health sciences, Food, Agriculture
Tags: Gardening, Garlic, 4-H

Cooking is its own reward
Spring 2006
Betsy Rogers '89 had her eureka moment while sitting in a cooking class. It was 2000, and the Seattle-based public relations specialist had recently lost her job in a downsizing. Instead of jumping back into a new job, she decided to freelance an...
Categories: Alumni, Culinary Arts, Food
Tags: Careers, Food

Washington's wine crush
Winter 2005
From Whidbey Island to Woodinville to Walla Walla, Washington's wine industry is coming of age.
Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Wine tasting, Wine, Grapes

Not Your Normal Truffle
Winter 2005
Head Cowgirl Marilyn Lysohir followed her muse West in search of Art and Chocolate.
Categories: Culinary Arts, Food
Tags: Chocolate

A Sweet Buzz: Honey
Winter 2005
Entomologist Steve Sheppard has never gotten over his wonder at how people came to raise swarms of stinging insects for the honey they produce."To see this guy dumping out thousands of bees to collect honey from their hive. . ." He shakes his head...
Categories: Entomology, Food
Tags: Bees, Honey

The spice of life: Apples come in more than one variety
Fall 2005
Apples come in more than one variety—a lot more.
Categories: Food, Agriculture
Tags: Apples, Horticulture

How Cougar Gold Made the World a Better Place
Winter 2004
Washington may not yet have reached cheese heaven. But we're now well past the purgatory of cheese sameness. And we have the WSU Creamery, and Cougar Gold as a delicious standard, to thank for much of this progress.
Categories: Culinary Arts, Food
Tags: Ferdinand's, Cheese, WSU Creamery

Training Table
Winter 2004
Cougar Etiquette DinnerSkillfully sidestepping the busy wait staff, Mylene Barizo circulates among the 100 diners attending the Cougar Etiquette Dinner in the Todd Hall atrium. She stops, chats casually with student-athletes seated around tables f...
Categories: Food, Athletics
Tags: Etiquette, Cougar pride

A Quick Test for a Killer
Summer 2004
While Listeria monocytogenes accounts for only 1/100th of 1 percent of all food-borne illnesses in the United States, it's responsible for a whopping 28 percent of annual deaths. Development of a quick test for the pathogen promises to drastically reduce that statistic.
Categories: Health sciences, Food
Tags: Genetics, Microbes, Diseases

Low prices bog down cranberry growers
Winter 2003
In the not-so-old days, circa the mid-1990s, a small farmer along Washington's southern coastline could rake enough cranberries—and money—from just 10 acres of bogs to send the kids to college and maybe have enough cash left to spend Christmas...
Categories: Food, Agriculture
Tags: Cranberries, Recipe

Tasting Washington
Fall 2003
The setting is elegant, the food divine, the wine fine and endless and magnificently diverse. On a Sunday evening in June, the Grand Pennington Ballroom at Spokane's Davenport Hotel is filled with representatives of more than 60 Washington winerie...
Categories: Culinary Arts, Food
Tags: Wine, Food

From dirt to dinner table
Fall 2003
Chuck Eggert '71 likes to do the right thing. He also likes good food. He has combined those likes into a natural foods empire.
Categories: Business, Food
Tags: Organic foods

Cooking for 7,000
Summer 2003
So what are students eating? Just about everything. And how much?
Categories: Food, WSU students
Tags: Dining halls