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Shattering Some Glass—Women sportscasters breaking into the big leagues
Summer 2015

Women in sports broadcasting jump hurdles and work hard to succeed in the traditionally male-dominated field, as several WSU alumni can attest.

Categories: Athletics, Communication
Tags: Women, Sports broadcasters

Believe it or not
Spring 2013

When a public policy issue, say climate change or health care reform, becomes politicized, people with strong partisan leanings sometimes have a hard time believing facts, says WSU communications professor Douglas Blanks Hindman.

Categories: Public affairs, Communication
Tags: Belief gap, Partisan politics

A healthy dose of sex in the media
Winter 2012

TV, movies, and music are filled with references to sex, but few have reliable information on sexual health. WSU researchers are using media literacy and entertainment education to better inform people.

Categories: Health sciences, Communication
Tags: Entertainment education, Media literacy, Sexual health, Sexual assault prevention

A show with Heart
Winter 2012

In 1976, an emerging young band called Heart played on WSU's television station's "Second Ending" show. The students and staff still remember that concert.

Categories: Communication, Music
Tags: Broadcasting, Rock music, KWSU, Concerts

That voice
Winter 2012

Bob Robertson has been the voice that fans of WSU Cougar football have connected with for over 510 games.

Categories: Communication, Athletics
Tags: Broadcasting, Football, Sports broadcasters

Chris Dunagan ’74, ’75—Bearing witness to the sights and smells of our soggy backyard
Winter 2012

Chris Dunagan, environmental reporter for the Kitsap Sun for 26 years, covers the water and land of hundreds of miles of Puget Sound shoreline, from the bustling docks of Bremerton to the backwaters of Hood Canal.

Categories: Alumni, Communication
Tags: Journalism, Environmental journalism, Reporters

Winter 2011

Cell phones, Internet, car horns, children, commercials—all carry information and all work together to create in us what social scientist Herbert Simon calls "a poverty of attention." How do you rise above the din to capture what is most important? You may be surprised to learn that one of the oldest forms of communication is still one of the best.

Categories: Psychology, Communication, Education
Tags: Attention, Human development, Media

Revolutions are televised by Arab journalists
Summer 2011
The world watched people rise up this year against dictators and authoritarian regimes across the Middle East and northern Africa, their protests aired by satellite television and the Internet. In Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, and oth...
Categories: Journalism, Communication
Tags: Revolutions, Television broadcasting, Broadcasting, Arab world

Civility in Politics and Campaigns
Winter 2010
Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed '63, '68 is recognized by his smile and civility as well as his nonpartisan statesmanship. Fortunately, he is not entirely alone.
Categories: Political science, Communication, Alumni
Tags: Civility, Political advertising, Politicians, State government, Legislature

Shall I Eat a Peach?
Summer 2010
At the risk of sounding either shopworn (which I hope I’m not) or like a Luddite (my identification with said philosophy depending on the day of the week), the thing I’m most looking forward to in “retirement,” besides being able to foc...
Categories: Communication, Literature
Tags: Internet, Technology, Digital world

Dear reader
Summer 2010
A printed magazine story sits alone on a page with relatively little competition for the reader's attention. An online story sits only a few keystrokes from a torrent of other stories, tweets, videos, free classifieds and emails. And why exactly does this matter?
Categories: Computer sciences, English, Communication
Tags: Digital world, Reading, Internet, Computers, Brain

Cougs behind the camera
Summer 2010
Alan Baker was looking for a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Pullman.Of course Baker (’94 PhD) knew there were no actual Wright-designed houses in the town, but he needed to find a Modernist, spacious home overlooking the Palouse for an ideal movi...
Categories: Alumni, Communication
Tags: Broadcasting, Movies, Film

Paper cuts
Winter 2009
Not that many years ago Washington's legislature was covered by more than 30 journalists from around the state. Now that number is eight. The Seattle Times no longer has a bureau on the east side of Lake Washington, and a print Post-Intelligencer no longer exists. Who will give us information and investigation when the papers have all gone?
Categories: Communication, Media, Public affairs
Tags: Journalism, Newspapers, Blogs

Life after newspapers
Winter 2009
It's a whole new cyberworld out there, and I'm the dinosaur dude who's trying to figure out where to go from here.
Categories: Communication, Media
Tags: Careers, Reporters, Journalism, Newspapers

Virtually WSU
Fall 2009
Swoop around Bryan Hall clock tower like Superman. Examine tiny details of the Sistine Chapel murals. Enter Tut’s tomb. Float in a cell next to the mitochondria. All within 15 minutes.What sounds like a fever dream becomes a reality within the v...
Categories: Communication, Websites
Tags: Second Life, Virtual world journalism, Virtual worlds

Murrow's door
Winter 2008
First came the doorknob.The workers in the office of Washington State University's school of communication didn't know what to expect when the first of two shipments arrived from New York last spring. But they opened the box, took out the old door...
Categories: Communication
Tags: Edward R. Murrow

60 minutes with Don Hewitt
Fall 2008
This spring, while a reporter from a Spokane TV station sat face to face with 60 Minutes creator Don Hewitt, two Washington State University communications students waited quietly in the hall for their turn with the television legend. Jamie Gro...
Categories: Communication
Tags: Television broadcasting

It Happened at the World's Fair
Fall 2007

Shortly after Jay Rockey '50 arrived in Seattle to handle the public relations for the 1962 World's Fair, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer ran an editorial claiming it could not see how the fair could possibly make it. "Do you really know what you're doing?" Rockey's wife asked him. Turns out he did.

Categories: Communication, Alumni
Tags: World's fair, Public relations, Seattle

The Rockey Style
Fall 2007

In spite of nearly universal name recognition and a client list that runs through the Pacific Northwest alphabet, Rockey himself rarely shows up in the press. In this age of Google, it's unnerving to go looking for someone who you know permeates a civic and business culture, and he just isn't there.

Categories: Communication, Alumni
Tags: World's fair, Public relations, Seattle

Fighting for a free press
Summer 2007
Brian Schraum ditched school for several days in January. The 19-year-old Washington State University junior wasn't playing hooky, though. He was testifying in Olympia on behalf of a free-press bill he inspired.Schraum, a communication major, is t...
Categories: Public affairs, Communication
Tags: Journalism, Free press, State government

An American in Albania
Winter 2006
Adapted from a series of e-mail messages from the author to friends and associates.IntroductionSince serving three terms as ASWSU president as an undergraduate, I have never lost my passion for the process of student representation. I've tried ...
Categories: Public affairs, Communication
Tags: Government, Albania

The sportswriter
Winter 2006
If Janie McCauley were telling this story, she wouldn't bury the lead. She'd say right away that she is the Associated Press's 2006 Sports Writer of the Year. Add a little color, some solid quotes like, "I was surprised to get the award. Ther...
Categories: Athletics, Communication
Tags: Sportswriters, Journalism

Blogger's world
Fall 2006
Amelia Veneziano, a junior at Washington State University, has a weakness when it comes time to do her homework. When she settles in to her Pullman apartment and turns on her computer, instead of researching a paper or e-mailing a professor, she k...
Categories: WSU students, Communication, Websites
Tags: Internet, Blogs

Journalism's grandest prize
Summer 2006
On the morning of Tuesday, May 20, 1980, journalists arrived at The Daily News, turned on their computers, and were greeted with the daily message from managing editor Bob Gaston ('67 Journ.). That day's message was far from typical.This was two da...
Categories: Awards and honors, Alumni, Communication
Tags: Pulitzer Prize, Mount St. Helens, Journalism

Cell phones help students and parents stay close—Sometimes too close
Spring 2006
Michael Johnston ('08 Bus. Admin.) switched his cell-phone plan in October. And the incentive wasn't just the free, high-tech phone or the low text-messaging fees. "I can get those mobile-to-mobile minutes with my family now," says Johnston. "Now...
Categories: Campus life, Communication
Tags: Teaching, WSU parents

Digital Daddies
Spring 2006
Aaron Johnson and Cliff Knopik, the odd couple of young parenthood, sit together in Johnson's Puyallup dining room while his newborn daughter, Brooklyn, sleeps in a bedroom nearby. His wife, Heather, makes dinner in their small apartment kitchen.A...
Categories: Communication, Alumni
Tags: WSU parents, Child development, Broadcasting

Where Have You Gone, Edward R. Murrow?
Fall 2005
Edward R. Murrow '30 broadcasted reports from a London rooftop during the Blitz. He confronted Joseph McCarthy on national television. And he admitted "an abiding fear regarding what . . .[radio and TV] are doing to our society, and our heritage."
Categories: WSU history, Media, Communication
Tags: Edward R. Murrow, Journalism, Radio, Broadcasting

The art of communicating by signing
Fall 2004
Fingers flew at a rapid pace for Nancy Kikendall during the 2002-03 academic year at Gallaudet University for the deaf and hard of hearing in Washington, D.C. She was among only a few hearing students accepted into the school's graduate program. T...
Categories: Alumni, Communication
Tags: American Sign Language, Children, Education

Broadcasting as public service: Peter Jennings refreshes the Murrow vision
Fall 2004
What would veteran newsman Peter Jennings tell students seeking a career in broadcasting today?His wife posed the question to him when they were in Pullman for Washington State University's 30th Edward R. Murrow Symposium April 14. The answer came...
Categories: Media, Communication
Tags: Public service, Edward R. Murrow, Broadcasting

Pathfinder Award winner recognized early in career
Summer 2004
Washington State University alumnus Brad Rawlins has earned one of the nation's top scholarly awards in public relations.The assistant professor of communications at Brigham Young University received the Pathfinder Award November 20 in New York Ci...
Categories: Alumni, Communication
Tags: Awards, Public relations

Working to prevent another Chornobyl
Winter 2003
"While it is devastating to see the impact of the Chornobyl accident—both economically and socially—international nuclear safety has advanced significantly because of this incident." — Susan SennerTeams of communications professionals at the...
Categories: Communication, Alumni
Tags: Nuclear safety, Nuclear reactors

Don't be afraid to stumble
Fall 2003
In her May 10 commencement address, Kathi Goertzen ('90 Comm.) provided words of advice to new graduates of Washington State University's College of Liberal Arts."As you go out into the world and pursue your careers or the next step in your lives,...
Categories: Communication, Alumni
Tags: Commencement

A common reader: Trouble in Dusty Gulch
Winter 2002
I really should be more worried about this. It's my living, after all. For 20 years I've been presenting a kind of music so wildly varied in time (seven centuries and more), in style (Morris dances, Joplin rags, Mahlerian stairways to heaven, Copl...
Categories: Music, Communication
Tags: Classical music, Radio

It's in the blood
Spring 2002
“There I was [in May 1980], focused on completing my last month at WSU, and Mount St. Helens erupts,” recalls Kathi Goertzen ’80. “I spent the next few weeks basically living at the KWSU studio, not only reporting the news aspects, but als...
Categories: Alumni, Communication
Tags: Television broadcasting, Journalism

Peter Van Sant Thrives on a "48-Hour" Day
Winter 2001
SEASONED CBS NEWSMAN Peter Van Sant hasn’t seen it all. But he hasn’t missed much either.In 16 years with CBS News, the award-winning correspondent has covered presidential campaigns, the space program, and the airline industry. He ...
Categories: Communication, Alumni
Tags: Television broadcasting

Life’s twists and turns lead WSU alumna to success
Winter 2001
“At Washington State, I found … professors who encouraged us to formulate our own thoughts and opinions.” —Jodi Vevoda At one time or another, we’ve all formulated plans for where we want to be five, 10, 20 years do...
Categories: Communication, Alumni
Tags: Advertising