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The learned observer
Summer 2012
“We should observe first, and think afterwards.”—The Lancet 19 Oct. 1823Part of the nature of a writer—but then again, perhaps I speak only for myself—is the constant reimagining of one’s self and context, the repeated immersion in my...
Categories: Literature, Journalism
Tags: Observation, Writing

Revolutions are televised by Arab journalists
Summer 2011
The world watched people rise up this year against dictators and authoritarian regimes across the Middle East and northern Africa, their protests aired by satellite television and the Internet. In Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, and oth...
Categories: Journalism, Communication
Tags: Revolutions, Television broadcasting, Broadcasting, Arab world

Viewing life through the lens of a camera
Fall 2004
After a dozen years as a photojournalist with KIRO-TV, Brian Miller left the security of a television-station job in 1998 to start his own company, Wide Angle TV.Two factors influenced his decision-time and money. And he yearned to be independent....
Categories: Journalism, Alumni
Tags: Photography

The first casualty
Fall 2003
Vietnam was the last conflict in which reporters could speak and write with prudent freedom.During one of the nation's many wars, I wrote of a patrol that came under fire and killed an enemy soldier. Before continuing, the GIs cut off the...
Categories: Military sciences, Journalism
Tags: Writing, Vietnam