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A Nagasaki letter
Spring 2015

WSU manuscript librarian Cheryl Gunselman tracked down a WWII-era letter for archivists at Los Alamo. The letter withstood the second and, to date, last nuclear attack in war.

Categories: Library and museum studies, History
Tags: World War II, Atomic bomb, Nagasaki

A wider canvas
Spring 2014

Major plans for a new WSU Museum of Art could bring an innovative building to the center of campus, thanks in part to a large gift to further the arts.

Categories: Library and museum studies, Fine Arts
Tags: Buildings, Contemporary prints, WSU Museum of Art

The perfect city
Fall 2012

WSU history faculty and students bring to life the utopian community of Vineland, an early twentieth-century project in Clarkston to build an ideal Garden City.

Categories: History, Library and museum studies
Tags: Exhibit, Utopias, Garden City

The Collectors
Summer 2012

In 1988, hundreds of rare documents from colonial Mexico disappeared from the WSU Library archives. The author and readers go on a hunt through history to explain how they came to Pullman in the first place, and describe the investigation that led to their welcome return.

Categories: Library and museum studies, WSU history
Tags: Collections, Collectors, Archives, Colonial Mexico, Crimes

A Hidden History
Spring 2012
In 1992, Frank Hirahara ’48 sent his daughter Patti to Yakima to help his elderly parents pack up their home for their move to Southern California.What had at first seemed a chore turned into a treasure hunt as Patti unearthed letters, ...
Categories: Library and museum studies, History
Tags: Photography, World War II, Internment camps, Japanese-Americans

Sacred Encounters
Spring 2012
“When I drive past this place it gives me a good-hearted, happy feeling,” says Quanah Matheson ’04, cultural resources director of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe. At what is now Old Mission State Park, just off Interstate 90 at Cataldo, ...
Categories: History, Library and museum studies
Tags: Native Americans, Religion, Catholicism, Missionaries

Homes for art
Winter 2011
Few of us will ever see inside the homes of some of the Pacific Northwest’s major art collectors. But this fall we get a glimpse when the Museum of Art at Washington State University hosts an exhibit of internationally-known architect...
Categories: Architecture and design, Library and museum studies
Tags: Architects, Northwest architecture, Art museums, WSU Museum of Art

Nature twice: Poetry and natural history
Winter 2010
I lean on a glass case that displays stuffed egrets, herons, and sparrows. Across the room, Larry Hufford—director of the Conner Museum of Natural History and professor in the School of Biologica...
Categories: Literature, Library and museum studies, Biological sciences
Tags: Museums, Poetry, Nature, Collaboration

The Academic Library in the Age of Google
Summer 2010
Information naivete suggests a broader blind faith in the offerings of Google–mirroring a general faith in technology that in some ways defines our culture and propels our economy.
Categories: Computer sciences, Library and museum studies
Tags: Library, Archives, Technology, Digital world

Old News
Winter 2009
Just as several of Washington’s newspapers have vanished from the landscape, librarians and volunteers are bringing our state’s near-forgotten newspapers to light. Through a project in the Washington Secretary of State’s office, library empl...
Categories: Media, History, Library and museum studies
Tags: Newspapers

WSU's rarest book? Frederick Meserve's Historical Portraits
Winter 2007
One of the great joys of my job at Washington State University is the time I spend in the rare books vault in Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections. "Rare books vault" is a romantic way to describe two large, secure, climate-controlled ro...
Categories: History, Library and museum studies
Tags: Archives, Historical books

When trash reveals history
Winter 2006
From October 2005 through March 2006, I worked with ephemera in one of the great libraries of the world, the Bodleian at the University of Oxford. A cheeky person might say that "ephemera" is just a fancy term for trash. However, given the passage...
Categories: History, Library and museum studies
Tags: Ephemera, England, Chapbooks

New Deal at the library
Winter 2003
The Works Progress Administration (WPA), established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935 as part of his New Deal reforms, was designed to put Americans back to work at a time when the country was suffering massive unemployment from the Grea...
Categories: Library and museum studies, History
Tags: Archives, Newspapers

One hot link: Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Fall 2002
Archives? Stuffy. Boring. Dusty. Right? Ah, then you haven’t logged on to Washington State University’s Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (MASC) Website. This site packs in a ton of fascination.For sheer quirkiness and creativity,...
Categories: Websites, Library and museum studies
Tags: Manuscripts

A Campus Full of Wonders
Spring 2002
All over campus, curiosities emerged from closets to form one of the most popular and unusual shows ever to fill the art museum.
Categories: Library and museum studies, Visual arts
Tags: Ephemera, Museums

Two million volumes and counting
Winter 2001
IN APRIL 2001 the WSU Libraries celebrated the acquisition of their two millionth volume. At a reception in the Owen Science and Engineering Library, botany and biology faculty, library faculty, and longtime friends gathered to thank Ed...
Categories: Campus life, WSU collections, Library and museum studies
Tags: WSU library