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Liz Siler ’78—Hungry to help
Spring 2015

Liz Siler and her family advocate and work for food banks in Pullman to help feed the hungry.

Categories: Alumni, Social work
Tags: Food banks, Hunger, Philanthropy

Jennifer Merschdorf ’96—A young survivor
Fall 2013

Jennifer Merschdorf '96, a young cancer survivor, helps fellow survivors as CEO of the nonprofit Young Survival Coalition.

Categories: Alumni, Social work
Tags: Cancer, Philanthropy

World vets
Fall 2012

Since 2006, a nonprofit started by  Dr. Cathy King ’97 DVM has provided veterinary aid and disaster relief in developing countries. It now opens clinics worldwide to train veterinarians and students.

Categories: Social work, Veterinary medicine
Tags: Volunteer, Animal rescue, Animal health, Nicaragua

Doing good through blending
Summer 2012
About three years ago, Monte Regier returned to Seattle from a year working on the hospital ship Anastasis off the coast of Liberia. Suffering from culture shock, remembering friends who go to bed hungry every night, he sat with his friend Martin...
Categories: Alumni, Social work
Tags: Wine, Philanthropy, Charity, Food

Billions Served
Fall 2011

Seven billion people will soon become nine billion before the global population levels off. Can so many people be fed from a finite Earth? Yes, they can, say WSU researchers. But the solutions will necessarily be many.

Categories: Social work, Food, Agriculture
Tags: Population, Hunger, Wheat, International development

Time Out in the World
Summer 2010
Today's graduates aren't just dropping into the rat race. They're going to Africa, South America, Seattle and Spokane. They're out to see the world and make a difference.
Categories: Social work, Alumni
Tags: Charity, International development, Housing, Volunteer

Florence Wager '54—Vancouver park activist without par
Winter 2009
Florence Wager bought a set of golf clubs when she wrapped up her career in arts and education.“I had this preconceived notion about retirement,” says Wager, 81, who earned a bachelor’s degrees at WSU in speech in 1950 and education in 1954 a...
Categories: Alumni, Social work
Tags: Parks, Trails, Vancouver, Volunteer

Hunger for justice
Spring 2009
On November 5, an overflow crowd in the CUB Senior Ballroom heard some hard truths about the global food crisis. Dr. Vandana Shiva, founder of several organizations that promote agricultural diversification in India, described how corporate/governme...
Categories: Social work, Agriculture
Tags: Social justice

Living free from addiction
Winter 2008
When an alumnus like Bus Hollingbery '44, a former Cougar linebacker and son of football coaching legend "Babe" Hollingbery, comes to the university with a good idea, the university listens. A few years ago, Hollingbery, a recovering alcoholic, w...
Categories: Campus life, Social work
Tags: Addiction, Rehabilitation

An Afghanistan success story
Winter 2008
The people of Laghman province in eastern Afghanistan suffered through a severe drought from 1997 through 2001. On top of years of conflict, the drought took an enormous toll on its people. Farmers sold off their cattle as the drought worsened, un...
Categories: Agriculture, Social work
Tags: International development, Afghanistan

A week in Malawi
Spring 2007

In a country wracked with poverty, AIDS, and overpopulation, WSU's president finds vitality and hope.

Categories: Agriculture, Social work
Tags: Africa, Malawi

Barbara Novak: Business as ministry
Winter 2006
After Barbara Novak '72 received an M.A. in bassoon performance from Southern Illinois University, she became second bassoonist in the Spokane Symphony. "I really got a chance to play everything from the great second bassoon parts to the great con...
Categories: Alumni, Business, Social work
Tags: Handicrafts, Fair trade

With eyes wide open
Summer 2003
Categories: Social work
Tags: Consumer protection

Working toward a common goal
Spring 2003
Maybe I can't save the world. But I can try to make a difference somewhere. But how?I researched several volunteer organizations, but most of them required a three-month to two-year commitment, which was not possible for me. After weeks of extensi...
Categories: Social work, Alumni
Tags: HIV, AIDS, Red Cross, Africa

Bridges to Prosperity
Winter 2002
When Ethiopian partisans blew up a bridge to stop the advance of Mussolini, they also split a region. Ken Frantz put it back together.
Categories: Alumni, Social work
Tags: Ethiopia, Charity

Students join Cyprus to tackle hunger
Fall 2002
On the morning of March 30, the United Nations Security Council held an emergency session at the UN building to discuss the crisis in the Middle East. At the same time, three floors down in Conference Room 4, I was giving a presentation on world h...
Categories: WSU students, Social work
Tags: Hunger

Nurses to the Homeless
Spring 2002
Gypsy's camp is evidence of the harsh living conditions faced by a growing number of homeless in Spokane. It also doubles as a classroom, and a lesson in reality, for student nurses.
Categories: Social work, Health sciences
Tags: Charity, Nursing

South African experience important to WSU alumna
Winter 2001
“It is hoped that in Africa, as in the U.S., the process will speed the move from poverty and unemployment to steady jobs.” —Liz Peterson May and early June 2001 found alumna Elizabeth C. “Liz” Peterson teaching...
Categories: Social work, Alumni
Tags: Job skills, South Africa