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Oso—a view from inside a disaster
Fall 2014

WSU professor Matt Carroll, whose academic specialty is human reaction to natural disasters, found himself personally involved when he learned his best friend Tom Durnell had died in the Oso landslide.

Categories: WSU faculty, Public affairs, Sociology
Tags: Oso mudslide, Natural disaster

Dan ’44 and Val ’46 Ogden—Staying activist in older age
Summer 2013

Val and Dan Ogden don't let their age stand in the way of being community and political activists in the Vancouver area.

Categories: Alumni, Public affairs
Tags: Activists, Politicians, Democratic Party, Volunteer

Gun Show Nation—a conversation with Joan Burbick
Summer 2013

Guns and gun shows are a part of American culture, and Joan Burbick, WSU emeritus English professor and author of Gun Show Nation, talks about the place of guns in the life of the United States.

Categories: History, Public affairs
Tags: Guns, American West

Waiting for the Rain
Summer 2013

“The point of our visit was to talk about food, drought, and war. Begnemato sits in central Mali, in the east of Mopti province, where staples like millet and rice sell for six times what they did a year ago. Andoule blames their food problems on the fighting in the north and last year’s poor rains.... The previous year’s drought had depleted village seed stocks, and the conflict in northern Mali has either cut off many farmers from their fields or frightened them away.” From We Never Knew Exactly Where: Dispatches from the Lost Country of Mali.

Categories: Geography, Political science, Public affairs
Tags: Africa, Mali, War, Islamists

Believe it or not
Spring 2013

When a public policy issue, say climate change or health care reform, becomes politicized, people with strong partisan leanings sometimes have a hard time believing facts, says WSU communications professor Douglas Blanks Hindman.

Categories: Public affairs, Communication
Tags: Belief gap, Partisan politics

Asif Chaudhry ’88—The ambassador
Spring 2013

Former U.S. Ambassador to Moldova Asif Chaudhry ’88 has had quite a journey to serving the country in the Foreign Service.

Categories: Alumni, Public affairs
Tags: Diplomats, Foreign Service, State Department, Moldova

Come the big one, everyone becomes a Coug
Fall 2012

As part of the Resilient Washington State Initiative, a multifaceted assessment of the ways an earthquake can hurt us and how hard it will be to recover, WSU engineering professor Dan Dolan looks at how the state's infrastructure will recover.

Categories: Earth sciences, Public affairs, Engineering
Tags: Emergency management, Natural disaster, Earthquake

Managing Nemo
Summer 2012

While collectors are hunting for tropical fish along the reefs of West Hawaii, marine scientist Brian Tissot is looking for ways to protect and replenish the colorful populations. We dive into his story, and the waters of Hawaii, as he checks in on the aquarium fishery.

Categories: Public affairs, Biological sciences
Tags: Fish, Aquariums, Hawaii, Marine biology

Dan Newhouse ’77—Farm to director’s office
Summer 2012
In 2009, Dan Newhouse ’77 was walking through the wings of the state House of Representatives when the governor’s chief of staff approached him with a surprising offer.Newhouse was a four-term Republican representative from Sunnyside and fl...
Categories: Agriculture, Alumni, Public affairs
Tags: Politicians, Hops, State government

Bringing history and historian together
Winter 2011
Historian Douglas Brinkley recently visited Seattle to interview William D. Ruckelshaus, the founding head of the Environmental Protection Agency and advisor to a variety of Northwest clean water and community groups.Ruckelshaus first mad...
Categories: History, Public affairs
Tags: Ecology, Government, Public service

Arun Raha ’91—The good, the bad, and the budget
Summer 2011
When Arun Raha ’91 started work as the state of Washington’s chief economist three years ago, his new staffers welcomed him with a gift: an official Magic 8 Ball.“I said ‘OK, great! Now I have a forecasting tool,’” he recalls.If onl...
Categories: Alumni, Economics, Public affairs
Tags: Economist, State government, Budget

George Nethercutt Jr. ’67—Knowing our nation
Spring 2011
George Nethercutt Jr. ’67 may not be in Congress anymore, but he still yearns to shorten the distance between Washington, D.C., and his home state of Washington.The effort has kept the Spokane native busy since he left the House of Repres...
Categories: Education, Public affairs, Alumni
Tags: Politicians, Civic education

Understanding the “Civility Crisis”
Winter 2010
There is a reason why rude and loutish political talk shows dominate the airwaves—they attract huge audience ratings and advertising dollars. But is rude behavior good for democracy?
Categories: Public affairs, Political science
Tags: Journalism, Politicians, Civility

A Washington sabbatical for Afghan scholars
Winter 2010
We’re an Afghan/WSU contingent marching up Western Avenue in Seattle. Four Afghan men, all good friends, are dressed in suits and carrying big bouquets of flowers. They are in a boisterous mood. Not only is it a glorious day, they have WSU-...
Categories: Public affairs, Political science
Tags: Afghanistan, Public service, Government

Common cause
Winter 2010
For reasons explained later in this issue, I was walking down Pike Street on a beautiful day in July with Rafi Khalil Nasar, an Afghan lawyer. We were just discussing the difference between civil and Shariah law w...
Categories: Public affairs, Political science
Tags: Civility, Public service

Mieko Nakabayashi ’92—Making policy public
Winter 2010
Growing up in late 1960s Japan, Mieko Nakabayashi had an unlikely goal. The eldest daughter of a farmer-turned-land-developer, she dreamed of living overseas.“I was so curious about the world,” she recalls.Four decades later, that Saitama Pre...
Categories: Public affairs, Alumni
Tags: Parliament, Politicians, Japan

Mary Kaufman-Cranney ’78—Call of the wild
Winter 2010
Last summer Mary Kaufman-Cranney culled a batch of black dresses from her closet and replaced them with hiking boots and trail shoes. Having left her job with the Seattle Opera, where she was director of development, she has less use for the ...
Categories: Environmental studies, Public affairs, Alumni
Tags: Conservation, Fundraising, The Nature Conservancy

Paper cuts
Winter 2009
Not that many years ago Washington's legislature was covered by more than 30 journalists from around the state. Now that number is eight. The Seattle Times no longer has a bureau on the east side of Lake Washington, and a print Post-Intelligencer no longer exists. Who will give us information and investigation when the papers have all gone?
Categories: Communication, Media, Public affairs
Tags: Journalism, Newspapers, Blogs

A Seat at the Table: Senator Patty Murray '72
Summer 2009
When Patty Murray '72, after a year as a state legislator, set her sights on the U.S. Senate, she got little encouragement. “You haven't paid your dues,” they said. “You don't have enough money. You don't know the right people.” None of that made any difference to Murray.
Categories: Public affairs, Alumni
Tags: Politicians

Ramping up in rural Washington
Summer 2009
If you drive for 45 minutes up the back road from Goldendale toward Trout Lake in Klickitat County, you’ll pass through Glenwood, set in its scenic valley at the base of Mount Adams, where the pastures begin to give way to pine trees, some 35 mi...
Categories: Public affairs, Business
Tags: Broadband internet, Rural development

A long-term biofuels strategy for Washington
Spring 2009
In 2007, the Washington State Legislature passed legislation “relating to providing for the means to encourage the use of cleaner energy.” The final of four chapters of the renewable energy act directed Washington State University to explore the ...
Categories: Public affairs, Engineering
Tags: Biofuels

On the waterfront
Winter 2008
Tacoma's past may be a key to its future :: Twenty years ago, the City Club of Tacoma approached the city with a plan to unify the waterfront and build a walking path from the Tacoma Dome to Point Defiance. The painstakingly researched report urged that the entire waterfront be redesigned as a people place. Lara Hermann '95 was thrilled when a city hall worker handed her the document. "It was like a present just lands in your lap," she says.
Categories: Geography, Public affairs
Tags: Tacoma, Urban planning

Food fights
Fall 2007

Four children died in the 1993 Jack in the Box E. coli outbreak. Attorney Bill Marler's client survived, but only after spending six months in the hospital. Marler sued and won a $15.6 million settlement for Brianne Kiner. Even more significant, the work he produced for the case made him an expert not only on E. coli, but on the whole food production system.

Categories: Alumni, Public affairs, Law
Tags: Food-borne illness, Food poisoning

Fighting for a free press
Summer 2007
Brian Schraum ditched school for several days in January. The 19-year-old Washington State University junior wasn't playing hooky, though. He was testifying in Olympia on behalf of a free-press bill he inspired.Schraum, a communication major, is t...
Categories: Public affairs, Communication
Tags: Journalism, Free press, State government

Dana Patterson: The path ahead
Summer 2007
Yellow Springs, Ohio, is a small college community with a rich history of social justice. It was a stop on the Underground Railroad and, much later, home to Antioch College, where civil rights activist Coretta Scott King went to school.Dana Patter...
Categories: Public affairs, Alumni
Tags: Social justice, Civil rights

An American in Albania
Winter 2006
Adapted from a series of e-mail messages from the author to friends and associates.IntroductionSince serving three terms as ASWSU president as an undergraduate, I have never lost my passion for the process of student representation. I've tried ...
Categories: Public affairs, Communication
Tags: Government, Albania

Ruth Bennett: A former 'Youth for Nixon' puts a crimp in Christine Gregoire's majority
Summer 2005
The way Ruth Bennett figures it, if the Libertarian Party candidate hadn't been on Washington's ballot for governor, Christine Gregoire (D) would have waltzed to an uncontroversial victory.As it turned out, Gregoire's winning margin of 129 votes m...
Categories: Alumni, Public affairs
Tags: Libertarians, Politicians

Washington's marine highway
Winter 2003
Washington state ferries appear in a million tourists' photos. But they are also a vital link in the state's transportation system. Mike Thorne '62 aims to keep them that way--in spite of budgetary woes.
Categories: Public affairs
Tags: Ferries

Smoke & asthma
Spring 2003
For as long as Jami Hinshaw can remember, she has coughed, sneezed, sniffled, and felt miserable every September. When she was nine, the Spokane native and WSU alum was diagnosed with asthma.Last fall, Hinshaw was fighting her usual symptoms, but ...
Categories: Public affairs, Agriculture, Health sciences
Tags: Air quality, Field burning, Asthma

State Economy: Across the new divide
Winter 2001
Sooner than you think, you’re going to connect those dots and discover the whole state lit up.THE VARIOUS PEOPLES OF Washington have successfully prevailed over many divides— mountain passes, raging rivers, ocean straits, even cultura...
Categories: Business, Public affairs
Tags: Telecommunications, Broadband internet