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Ask Mr. Christmas Tree
Winter 2013

Gary Chastagner, a plant pathologist with the WSU Puyallup Research and Extension Center, is better known as “Mr. Christmas Tree.” He studies tree diseases, varieties, and the best Christmas tree stands.

Categories: Forestry
Tags: Christmas trees, Trees

The forgotten forest
Spring 2013

Early successional forests, the stage following a major disturbance such as fire, windstorm, or harvest, has a valuable ecological role for plants and wildlife, according to WSU forest ecologist Mark Swanson.

Categories: Forestry, Environmental studies
Tags: Forest ecology, Early successional forests, Forest management

When wildfire comes to town
Fall 2011
Flames ripped through the pines and brush in the Dishman Hills west of Spokane Valley in July 2008, just as they’ve done for thousands of years. A dry wind pushed the fire up a hill, hotter and faster, and straight into a new developmen...
Categories: Forestry, WSU Extension, Natural sciences
Tags: Natural Resources, Forest fires, Wildfire

Seeing the trees
Fall 2011
At the south end of Whidbey Island, off a tree-lined road, Linda Kast ’75 pulls her station wagon up to a gate and jumps out. She opens her hatchback and extracts a thick folder containing maps, a history, and an inventory of her smal...
Categories: Alumni, WSU Extension, Forestry
Tags: Forest management

Trees return to Ireland
Fall 2007
Once upon a time, Ireland was mostly forest. In prehistoric and early historic times, trees covered an estimated 90-95 percent of the landscape. But English invasions, rebellions, and industrial demands moved the landscape toward its modern auster...
Categories: Forestry
Tags: Trees, Ireland

Magpie Forest: Protecting a piece of the past
Winter 2005
Magpie Forest is like something out of the Wizard of Oz, a strange green land in the middle of a field.Nestled in a 33-acre parcel of wheat north of Pullman, the 14-acre tract is a remnant of the original Palouse prairie. Last spring, Washington S...
Categories: Environmental studies, Forestry
Tags: Wildlife, Trees, Palouse