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Global War and Christian Nationalism
Summer 2015

An excerpt from American Apocalypse: A History of Modern Evangelicalism

Categories: Political science, History
Tags: Politicians, Apocalypse, Evangelical Christianity

Waiting for the Rain
Summer 2013

“The point of our visit was to talk about food, drought, and war. Begnemato sits in central Mali, in the east of Mopti province, where staples like millet and rice sell for six times what they did a year ago. Andoule blames their food problems on the fighting in the north and last year’s poor rains.... The previous year’s drought had depleted village seed stocks, and the conflict in northern Mali has either cut off many farmers from their fields or frightened them away.” From We Never Knew Exactly Where: Dispatches from the Lost Country of Mali.

Categories: Geography, Political science, Public affairs
Tags: Africa, Mali, War, Islamists

The Ethics of Climate Change
Winter 2012

A political scientist, a geologist, a philosopher, and a sociologist contemplate the ethical implications of an imminent problem: global climate change.

Categories: Environmental studies, Philosophy, Political science, Sociology
Tags: Climate change, Ethics

Civility in Politics and Campaigns
Winter 2010
Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed '63, '68 is recognized by his smile and civility as well as his nonpartisan statesmanship. Fortunately, he is not entirely alone.
Categories: Political science, Communication, Alumni
Tags: Civility, Political advertising, Politicians, State government, Legislature

Understanding the “Civility Crisis”
Winter 2010
There is a reason why rude and loutish political talk shows dominate the airwaves—they attract huge audience ratings and advertising dollars. But is rude behavior good for democracy?
Categories: Public affairs, Political science
Tags: Journalism, Politicians, Civility

A Washington sabbatical for Afghan scholars
Winter 2010
We’re an Afghan/WSU contingent marching up Western Avenue in Seattle. Four Afghan men, all good friends, are dressed in suits and carrying big bouquets of flowers. They are in a boisterous mood. Not only is it a glorious day, they have WSU-...
Categories: Public affairs, Political science
Tags: Afghanistan, Public service, Government

Common cause
Winter 2010
For reasons explained later in this issue, I was walking down Pike Street on a beautiful day in July with Rafi Khalil Nasar, an Afghan lawyer. We were just discussing the difference between civil and Shariah law w...
Categories: Public affairs, Political science
Tags: Civility, Public service

Tuscan tastes & politics
Fall 2003
What better way could there be to study Italian politics than by eating?
Categories: Political science
Tags: Food, Italy

Paul Castleberry sharpened minds
Winter 2002
During 40 years in teaching, including 34 at Washington State University, H. Paul Castleberry touched the lives of many students. He taught courses in American government, international law and organizations, and U.S. foreign policy."He was never ...
Categories: Political science, WSU faculty
Tags: In memoriam

Ukraine: Witnesses to an Uncertain Revolution
Summer 2002
How do you offer a reasonable criticism of America's consumer culture to an audience waiting desperately for basic goods that we take for granted?
Categories: Political science
Tags: Ukraine

Ukraine: Mining Every Opportunity for Hope
Summer 2002
There are many toasts, to friendship and Ukraine and its women, who maintain what is left of its social fabric.
Categories: Political science, Geography
Tags: Ukraine