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History was made...The fight for equity for women's athletics in Washington
Winter 2007
Back in the late 1960s, when Jo Washburn was athletic director for women's intramural sports at Washington State University, she had to stretch $1,200 to cover all the expenses of the volleyball, gymnastics, basketball, field hockey, skiing, and t...
Categories: Gender studies, Athletics
Tags: Women's studies, Women's sports, Title IX, Women athletes

Their place in history: WSU women athletes made their mark
Fall 2007
One day in 1948 four Washington State College students tugged on their white rubber swim caps, adjusted their nose plugs, and plunged into a cold swimming pool. Three of them locked together head to foot to form a vertical underwater ring, and the...
Categories: Gender studies, Athletics
Tags: Women's sports, Women athletes

The coming of age of teen films
Fall 2006
As a teen, Sarah Hentges had Wonder Woman and Princess Leia as her pop culture role models. One flew an invisible plane, and the other lived in another galaxy. Neither offered much of an idea of how a young American woman should be.As a Washington...
Categories: Gender studies
Tags: Movies, Film, Adolescence, Girls

Two female athletes, two public falls
Fall 2006
In the first three months of 2006, two images of female athletes and their subsequent media interpretations played on television and front pages across the country. The first one showed Lindsey Jacobellis during the 2006 Winter Olympic Snowboard C...
Categories: Gender studies, Athletics
Tags: Cheerleading, Women's sports, Women athletes

Be nice: GRACe examines gender
Summer 2004
GRACe examines the many aspects of gender.
Categories: Sociology, Gender studies
Tags: Women's studies

Feminae Romanae!
Spring 2002
". . . but Roman women rule the Romans"Femina gladiatrix?  Femina medica?Historians typically ascribe household or family roles to women of ancient Rome or ignore them altogether. Accounts of male emperors, male military leaders, male sc...
Categories: History, Gender studies
Tags: Roman history, Women