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Arun Raha ’91—The good, the bad, and the budget
Summer 2011
When Arun Raha ’91 started work as the state of Washington’s chief economist three years ago, his new staffers welcomed him with a gift: an official Magic 8 Ball.“I said ‘OK, great! Now I have a forecasting tool,’” he recalls.If onl...
Categories: Alumni, Economics, Public affairs
Tags: Economist, State government, Budget

How we eat is what we are
Winter 2009
In the 1960s, 24.3 percent of Americans were overweight. Now, over 60 percent of us are. Even though other countries are hot on our heels, we are still the plumpest folk in the world. Does it matter?
Categories: Food, Economics, Health sciences, Biological sciences
Tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Food, Exercise, Diabetes

Housing by the numbers
Winter 2009
From his corner office in Johnson Tower in the midst of Washington State University’s Pullman campus, Glenn Crellin is far from the most populated parts of the state. Still, from his vantage, he contemplates rental rates around the Puget Sound,...
Categories: Business, Economics
Tags: Real estate, Housing, Homebuyers

The Coming Depression
Summer 2008
I don't know about you, but I've been waiting for this all my life. Growing up with parents born in the crash year of '29, and with grandparents marked and ennobled by sacrifice and ingenuity in living well with nothing, I've amounted to nothing b...
Categories: Economics
Tags: Humor, Depression

Can America compete in a 'Flat' World?
Summer 2006
Many of you are familiar with Thomas Friedman's argument, in The World is Flat, that technology has eliminated many barriers to competition and thus created today's globally competitive economic environment. His dramatic examples of outsourcing s...
Categories: Economics, Sociology
Tags: WSU presidents, Economy, Education, Budget

The Tie That Binds
Spring 2005
No matter what you want to blame--predatory pricing, vertical integration, foreign competition, globalization, urban sprawl--the fact of the matter is, rural America is packing it in. At least the rural America of our memory or imagination.
Categories: Agriculture, Economics
Tags: Farmers, Food

Prisons offer few economic benefits to small towns
Winter 2004
Over the past three decades, many of the nation's most depressed rural communities have vied to host new prisons, hoping that economic benefits would follow.The trend grew in the early 1990s when an average of three 500-bed prisons opened around t...
Categories: Economics, Sociology
Tags: Prisons, Rural development

Tracking Trucks
Fall 2004

One heavily-loaded eighteen-wheeler can cause the same highway damage as 7,000 cars. Ken Casavant and other transportation economists are trying to make sense of the effects of trucks on the state's highways.

Categories: Engineering, Economics
Tags: Transportation, Highways, Trucks