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Prisoner guardians
Spring 2015

Community corrections officers are the invisible guardians of prisoners who are moving from prison to society through parole or probation. Faith Lutze examines ways to help them be effective.

Categories: Social sciences
Tags: Criminal justice, Community corrections officers, Parole, Prisoners

Gentle commerce
Spring 2015

From humankind's long history of violence, two chapters under the scrutiny of WSU researchers could point the way to a more peaceful world.

Categories: Anthropology, Social sciences
Tags: Southwest United States, Violence, Commerce, Coffee

If You Don’t Snooze, You Lose
Fall 2013

Chances are, you do not get enough sleep. And that could be dangerous.

Categories: Biological sciences, Social sciences
Tags: Sleep, Fatigue, Police, Pilots

Kathleen McChesney ’71—Agent of change
Fall 2013

Kathleen McChesney '71 rose up from the King County Sheriff's department investigating Ted Bundy to the third highest position in the FBI.

Categories: Alumni, Social sciences
Tags: Criminal justice, Police, FBI

Training the island police
Summer 2013

Bryan Vila, now a criminal justice professor at WSU Spokane, taught police officers in Micronesia in the late 1970s, learning much about cross-cultural training and himself.

Categories: Military sciences, Social sciences
Tags: Police, Cross-cultural training, Micronesia, Criminal justice

Big Ideas
Summer 2010
We delve into WSU's rich intellectual history, listing some of the great ideas and discoveries that have come out of our institution.
Categories: WSU history, WSU faculty, Agriculture, Biological sciences, Social sciences
Tags: Research, Science history, Innovation, Scientists

Curbing aggressive driving
Fall 2009
There’s something about youth and speed and cars.Criminal justice doctoral student Yu-Sheng Lin tapped into it in his study of risky and aggressive driving behaviors. Surveying Washington State University students, who averaged the age of 19, he ...
Categories: Psychology, Social sciences
Tags: Aggressive driving, Criminal justice

Our Drink: Detoxing the Perfect Family
Fall 2005

Toren Volkmann and his mother, Chris Volkmann '70 have co-authored a book about their family's experience with Toren's alcoholism. What they learned through direct experience dovetails with what counselors and researchers are discovering at WSU and beyond.

Categories: Alumni, Social sciences
Tags: Alcohol

A more effective nag
Spring 2004
How the mere asking of a question can become a force for positive change.
Categories: Social sciences, Business
Tags: Human behavior, Marketing

You’ve been randomly selected for extra screening before boarding
Fall 2003
While many people searched at airports merely have their personal items strewn on a table, some get more thorough treatment.
Categories: Social sciences
Tags: Security

The friends you keep & the wealth you reap
Summer 2003
People evaluate information through social interaction with others.There's an old saying that you can be judged by the friends you keep. But do your friends also affect your wealth?Ever notice how a group of people who spend time together, whether ...
Categories: Business, Social sciences
Tags: Friends, Finance, Money

The survey expert
Fall 2002
Don Dillman may be the most influential social scientist in developing the scientific basis for research methodology over the last 25 years. His Mail and Telephone Surveys: The Total Design Method is a classic of its genre, the first work to provi...
Categories: Social sciences
Tags: Surveys

The Laguna’s Secrets
Winter 2001
Some of the best clues to climatic history lie at the bottoms of lakes.WE ARE GATHERED on an eight-by-12-foot raft with a hole cut in the center of its floor, in the middle of a lagoon in the mountains 30 kilometers out of Copan, Honduras, driv...
Categories: Social sciences, Archaeology
Tags: Maya civilization, Fossils, Paleoecology