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LaToya Harris ’03—Standing out
Winter 2011
When coach LaToya Harris stands with her team on the volleyball court at Lewis-Clark State College, here’s the remarkable thing: She doesn’t stand out. Sure, she is the only one wearing black crop pants instead of blue shorts and a w...
Categories: Alumni, Athletics
Tags: Volleyball, Coach, Lewis-Clark State College

Bill ’69 and Felicia ’73 Gaskins—All in stride
Summer 2011
Bill Gaskins says he knows exactly when Felicia Cornwall fell in love with him. On a snowy day in 1963, the two were walking arm-in-arm along WSU’s Hello Walk. Felicia, a sophomore from Tacoma, was taking mincing steps through the ...
Categories: Cultural studies, Alumni, Pharmacy
Tags: WSU staff, Diversity, African Americans

Hit or be hit
Spring 2011
Hit or be hit. It’s the essence of dodgeball. “The feeling after hitting somebody,” muses Peter Brown, a senior finance major, after his Delta Upsilon team beat the Sig Ep Slingers on a cold night in November, “that’s like, I’m b...
Categories: Athletics, Campus life
Tags: Intramural sports, Dodgeball

Gangs of Chicago
Spring 2010
Fifty years ago James F. Short Jr., a young sociologist at Washington State University, was asked to lead a study of Chicago gangs. In smoky pool halls on Roosevelt Road, the baseball fields of Douglas Park, and the windy street corners of Lawn...
Categories: Sociology
Tags: Gangs, Chicago

A century of friendships
Winter 2009
The 1909/1910 Chinook yearbook devoted a full page to “The Installation of the Kappa Sigma.” In the text W.M. Coulter, a founding member of the first national fraternity at Washington State College, notes that the event “marks a new epoch i...
Categories: Campus life, WSU students, Alumni
Tags: Greek system, Fraternity, Sorority

Kary Lamb Lee—Telling stories
Fall 2009
Husky purple isn’t normally in Kary Lamb Lee’s palette. The Pullman-based illustrator was born in Pullman, and her family’s ties to Washington State University go back 80 years.Still, she was happy to pull out the purple to create the souve...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Artists

Nadia Daud–No place like home
Summer 2009
Nadia Daud spends nearly 80 percent of her time living abroad, traveling to some of the most troubled regions of the world. When she’s not overseas, she has an apartment in Washington, D.C. But ask her where her home is, and she’ll tell you—...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Refugees

Powerful solutions from young minds
Fall 2008
At Washington State University's inaugural high school energy competition on May 10, Bohler Gymnasium on the Pullman campus buzzed with the ideas and enthusiasm of more than 350 high school students. Teams from across the state were invited t...
Categories: Engineering, Education
Tags: Energy, Competition, High school students

Jazz Down the Middle
Winter 2007
A little before 8 a.m. one Tuesday last spring, the jazz band at Pullman's Lincoln Middle School, a bit bed-headed and bleary-eyed, was working on a tricky rhythm. Standing at the whiteboard in Room 806, the director, Joe Covill, wrote out the not...
Categories: Music
Tags: Jazz

Web Extra :: Tracing the history of American popular culture
Summer 2006
For LeRoy Ashby, Washington State University Regents Professor of History, the public outcry that ensued from Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction during the 2004 Super Bowl was simply the most visible recent skirmish in a battle over popular cult...
Categories: WSU faculty, Cultural studies
Tags: Popular culture

Our Drink: Detoxing the Perfect Family
Fall 2005
Toren Volkmann and his mother, Chris Volkmann '70 have co-authored a book about their family's experience with Toren's alcoholism. What they learned through direct experience dovetails with what counselors and researchers are discovering at WSU and beyond.
Categories: Alumni, Social sciences
Tags: Alcohol

Web Extra :: More Thinking, Less Drinking
Fall 2005
On the last Saturday night before spring finals, Mitch Loewen, 18, is alone at a window table at the Compton Union Building, his calculus book and papers spread before him, a half-finished bottle of orange PowerAde at his elbow."I'd heard from a l...
Categories: Campus life, WSU students
Tags: Alcohol, Alcoholism, Drinking

Web Extra :: Our Drink
Fall 2005
It wasn't supposed to happen this way. Christina Shamerger Volkmann had given up her teaching career to stay home with her three sons, to volunteer in their schools, to attend their numerous sporting events, to get to know their friends. To be the...
Categories: Social work, WSU students, Campus life
Tags: Drinking, Alcoholism, Alcohol

Pumpkin Physics
Spring 2005
". . . two, one, drop!" the crowd roared. It was a smashing way to demonstrate Galileo's law of falling objects.
Categories: Physics
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