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Mapmaker Mystery
Winter 2014
A hunt for the author of a hand-drawn map leads to an exploration of the history of geology at WSU.
Categories: WSU history, Earth sciences
Tags: Maps, Geology

Talking trash
Fall 2014
Our relationship with waste is anything but simple, as one WSU sociologist is finding as he investigates some of the country’s industrial waste sites, and as many WSU students will discover when they read Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Garbage.
Categories: Sociology, Geography
Tags: Brownfields, Waste, Garbage

Things that Fly in the Sky
Fall 2014
Over fields, over airstrips, and across WSU, drones are appearing in projects for engineering students, precision agriculture research, and general efforts to improve farming.
Categories: Engineering, Agriculture
Tags: Automated agricultural systems, Hydrogen, Drones, Unmanned aerial vehicles

Web Extra :: Paperclips and printed drones
Fall 2014
At some point near the start of his mechanical engineering design course, Gaurav Ameta hands his students four sheets of paper and six paperclips. He gives the class a simple goal: Build something that can hold a coffee cup as high as it can, with th...
Categories: Engineering, Education
Tags: Drones

Web Extra :: Sagebrush and rabbits
Fall 2014
A drone flies above the deserts of central Idaho, photographing the sagebrush landscape below every 2.5 seconds. The high-resolution photos over the Lemhi Valley near the small town of Salmon, capture the native habitat of the pygmy rabbit. The wor...
Categories: Environmental studies, Biological sciences
Tags: Pygmy rabbits, Drones

Sex, drugs, and differences
Summer 2014
After decades of researching gender differences in the effects of drugs, Rebecca Craft has found that females using marijuana are likelier than men to become dependent on the drug and suffer more severe withdrawals.
Categories: Psychology, Health sciences
Tags: Cannabis, Women, Drug abuse, Addiction

A matter of taste
Summer 2014
The e-tongue can outdo the human organ as it quickly detects and characterizes flavors when it tastes food and wine. 
Categories: Food, Culinary Arts
Tags: Taste, Flavors

Tim Hills ’93—Hotels and history
Summer 2014
Historian Tim Hills has captured the colorful history of the many McMenamins hotels and restaurants.
Categories: History, Alumni
Tags: McMenamins, Hotels

Google ranking molecules
Spring 2014
Chemistry Associate Professor Aurora Clark adapted Google's PageRank algorithm to better understand the network of molecules and how that relates to their physical properties of a chemical system.
Categories: Chemistry
Tags: Molecules, Google, Networks

Review :: A Yankee on Puget Sound
Spring 2014
Pioneer Edward Jay Allen lived near Olympia when the Oregon Territory was split in two and federal politicians elected to name the new territory Washington, rejecting the local suggestion of Columbia. Allen helped survey a wagon road over Nache...
Categories: Washington state history
Tags: American West, Puget Sound, Exploration