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Cherries in two dimensions
Fall 2012
A novel architecture for cherry trees on a two-dimensional plane can help the trees develop a fruiting wall suited for mechanized harvesters. WSU horticulturist Matthew Whiting '01 PhD is part of a project to develop the  upright fruiting offshoots (UFOs) system.
Categories: WSU Extension, Agriculture
Tags: Cherries, Horticulture

Wave of the Future
Summer 2004
Hands-on training doesn't get better than this. After six months of construction, Washington State University assistant professor of architecture Robert Barnstone and 10 architectural design students recently completed what is essentially the worl...
Categories: Architecture and design, Engineering
Tags: Wood, Construction, Materials engineering

Regents Scholars Reception: Young Scholars, Good Cheer
Spring 2004
Seth Lake of Olympia mimicked the fetal position he reverted to the day his roommate's family met him for the first time, shivering under a hat, coat, and blanket on the couch, sicker than a dog.A hungry John Leraas, also of Olympia, overspent his ...
Categories: WSU students
Tags: Regents, Awards

Review :: I Only Smoke on Thursdays
Winter 2003
What would Audrey Hepburn do? Look no further than the timeless class, spirit, and wit of the late actress for tips on dating and living as a modern woman. That's part of the advice of Seattle author Georgie Nickell ('94 Comm.) in her debut novel, I ...
Categories: Fiction
Tags: Dating

Wings to Fly
Fall 2003
Mia Song Swartwood hovered over the Gladish Auditorium stage on pointe, adorned in vibrant plumage of gold, teal, and purple, arms stretched skyward, joyous in flight. Cast in the lead role of The Sparrow Queen, the May 10 inaugural production of ...
Categories: Performing arts
Tags: Dance

A tale of many cities
Summer 2003
As a boy Clint Borgen dreamed of having an interesting life, radically different from the humdrum sleepiness of Anacortes, Washington, his commercial-fishing-oriented hometown. He played spy games with a seemingly fearless older brother and best f...
Categories: Media, Alumni
Tags: Refugees, Europe, Books

A summer job that meant something
Winter 2002
An entomology undergrad combats the worm in the appleWhen they hatch, they're so tiny you can barely see them. Then they eat. They bore their way inside an apple and consume it from within. After two weeks, they're half an inch long, pinkish orange...
Categories: Agriculture, Biological sciences
Tags: Apples, Pest management, Entomology

Whispered prayers
Fall 2002
On the floor of Beasley Performing Arts Coliseum, Native American children dressed in full regalia run off steam before the grand dance at the Pah-Loots-Pu Powwow this Saturday night in April. One of them is Red Bear McCloud, the 5-year-old son of...
Categories: Performing arts, Cultural studies
Tags: Native Americans, Dance

An untamed mind
Summer 2002
Two minutes into our interview in Thompson Hall, Katherine Grimes—“Katie,” on second reference—must leave. She can’t concentrate, because the murmurs of students passing outside the closed door are amplified to rock-concert cacophony in ...
Categories: WSU students, Health sciences
Tags: Autism

"You'll miss it"
Spring 2002
“I liked science classes because they were applicable, and I’ve always been logical. But music adds some structure."Nothing navigates the left brain-right brain divide more effectively than guilt and loyalty.For proof, just pick the br...
Categories: Performing arts, WSU students, Biological sciences
Tags: Music, Students

Arts for all
Winter 2001
“WOULDN’T you like to write music for someone famous like NSYNC?” a Clarkston High School student asked Greg Yasinitsky.Tough crowd.But Yasinitsky, a Washington State University music professor and jazz studies coordinator an...
Categories: WSU faculty, Music, Education
Tags: Music education