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Barbara Novak: Business as ministry
Winter 2006
After Barbara Novak '72 received an M.A. in bassoon performance from Southern Illinois University, she became second bassoonist in the Spokane Symphony. "I really got a chance to play everything from the great second bassoon parts to the great con...
Categories: Alumni, Business, Social work
Tags: Handicrafts, Fair trade

Carolyn Schactler: Inspired by many sources
Winter 2005
While at Washington State College, Carolyn Campbell Schactler of Yakima was a violinist and swimmer in the synchronized group, Fish Fans. She later taught both of these skills, but it was her designing and sewing that launched her career and led t...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Apparel design

Operation Chow Hound
Fall 2005
In 1945, the German occupation had Holland on its knees. The Dutch were starving, because the Germans were not supplying them with food. Adelderd Davids of Nijmegen, Holland, six years old at the time, lived in Rotterdam. "It was awful," he recall...
Categories: Military sciences, Alumni
Tags: Humanitarianism, Food

Thomas hits paydirt with composting advice
Spring 2005
Tamara Thomas is not afraid to get down and dirty helping clients solve earthy problems. She owns Terre-Source, a one-woman consulting firm in Mt. Vernon that specializes in composting.Her clients include North Mason Fiber Company in Belfair, area ...
Categories: Agriculture, Alumni
Tags: Compost, Soil

Woodley collects, identifies, and preserves flies
Spring 2005
From his office in the Smithsonian Institution's Systematic Entomology Laboratory, Norm Woodley helps care for the world's largest bug collection and identifies threatening pests before they get into the country.A fly specialist and taxonomist, Wo...
Categories: Alumni, Entomology
Tags: Flies

Viewing life through the lens of a camera
Fall 2004
After a dozen years as a photojournalist with KIRO-TV, Brian Miller left the security of a television-station job in 1998 to start his own company, Wide Angle TV.Two factors influenced his decision-time and money. And he yearned to be independent....
Categories: Journalism, Alumni
Tags: Photography