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Key to My Cage
Summer 2015
The human voice is our oldest acoustic instrument and it’s still one of the most captivating. Add a few well struck strings—just a few chords even—and you have a remarkable symphony of bass, harmony, lyrics, and emotion. This is the begu...
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Tags: Folk, Blues rock

Hard Water
Summer 2011
Insistently local, yet tapping into a national legacy of country and blues rock, Massy Ferguson’s second album Hard Water travels the back roads of Washington and treacherous paths of relationships with guitar, drum, and organ-driven songs. Da...
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Tags: Folk rock, Country rock, Blues rock

Friends of the Old Mill
Spring 2011
This new roots-rock album has compelling lyrics, musical variety, and an overall upbeat feel. Cody Beebe and the Crooks (most of whom are WSU alumni) offer up twelve tracks with titles such as “Nine to Chain,” “Change of Pace,” and “H...
Categories: Music
Tags: Folk rock, Country music, Blues rock