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Looking Like the Enemy: Japanese Mexicans, the Mexican State, and US Hegemony, 1897-1945
Spring 2015
Eizi Matuda and his wife Miduho Kaneko de Matuda were Japanese immigrants who had become Mexican citizens and had lived there for 20 years when agents of the Mexican government came to their home to relocate them. However, unlike thousands of J...
Categories: History
Tags: Mexico, Immigration, Internment camps

Mexican Women and the Other Side of Immigration: Engendering Transnational Ties
Spring 2011
There are communities of people who live their lives in two places at once. Residents of Detroit, Michigan, and the small town of San Ignacio, Mexico, for example. In her book, historian Luz Maria Gordillo sets out to explain the history of thi...
Categories: History, Gender studies
Tags: Immigration, Mexican Americans, Women