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Dove Creek
Fall 2012
While more known for her short stories, Paula Coomer takes the novel form to tell the story of Patricia Morrison, the daughter of Kentucky hill folk who leaves her hardscrabble life in Appalachia to discover a new existence in the West. After a...
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Murder at Foxbluff Lake
Summer 2011
Cougar fans of all ages will enjoy reading Jesse E. Freels’s first book, Murder at Foxbluff Lake, a Coug Hawkins mystery. The novel tells the story of Coug, the teenage son of a WSU football legend, who goes on a camping trip with...
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Winter 2005
To be a mother or an artist? Or both? Anyone interested in women's quest stories that explore these central questions will find Jean Hegland's second novel, Windfalls, to be essential reading. Readers who know the Palouse will enjoy her vivid ...
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