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Asian American Women’s Popular Literature
Fall 2014
Since Nathaniel Hawthorne famously complained about the “damned mob of scribbling women” in 1855, much has changed in American literary and popular culture, not least the nation’s racial demographics, which now include substantial numbers...
Categories: Literature, Cultural studies
Tags: Asian Americans, Popular culture, Women

White Jade and Other Stories
Spring 2009
The seven stories in this collection are delightful. Sometimes funny and even perverse, they show an extravagant imagination, and a very sharp political perspective deepened by their concern for how wars and historical dislocations jam people into...
Categories: Fiction
Tags: Short stories, Asian Americans

Panda Diaries
Summer 2007
In Panda Diaries, Alex Kuo's latest novel, a panda mailman chastises his improbable cohort, Ge, for buying into its pop image. "You're supposed to be in intelligence. You've seen me smoke. If I relied only on that bamboo diet, we'd all be extinct by ...
Categories: Fiction
Tags: China, Asian Americans