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Hunger Immortal: The First Thirty Years of the West Seattle Food Bank, 1983–2013
Summer 2014
What is today the West Seattle Food Bank started as a shoestring operation in an abandoned public school building. A pair of retired grocers from South Dakota had taken on responsibility for distributing government commodities like cheese and p...
Categories: Social work, History
Tags: Food security, Seattle

Black Leapt In
Spring 2011
In Chris Forhan’s latest collection of poems, Black Leapt In, the writer draws upon his childhood in Seattle, using striking natural images and startling honesty and insight. He balances straightforward description of the environment he grew ...
Categories: Poetry
Tags: Seattle, Family

Jump Into Life
Fall 2010
Eclectic Approach, a funk-rock Seattle band that includes Jowed Hadeed ’06, Ryan Jander ‘06 and Tony Poston ’07, released its third studio album, “Jump Into Life,” in June. Feel-good messages dominate the album. One track, “Change,” ...
Categories: Music
Tags: Seattle, Funk rock

Classic Houses of Seattle
Summer 2006
When something is regarded as "a classic," it is usually because the object has achieved the ability to express the cultural spirit of an era. Objects having this status are often considered as art, or at least as cultural symbols. And so we have cla...
Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Seattle