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New & Noteworthy for Fall 2013

by Kim Roberts ’82, Neil W. Moloney ’53, Lowell Harrison Young ’72 ::

New and Noteworthy: Luna Sea cover

Luna Sea
by Kim Roberts ’82

Aloha Jones, harbormaster at Lahaina, Maui, investigates the murder of a local troublemaker in this mystery set in Hawaii and filled with sharks and funky characters on the dark side of paradise.

The Boys From Ireland: An Irish Immigrant Family’s Involvement in the Civil War
by Neil W. Moloney ’53

In this historical fiction, a group of dispossessed Irish immigrants find themselves embroiled in America’s Civil War, enduring poverty, starvation, and the loss of family members.

Biodesign Out for a Walk
by Lowell Harrison Young ’72

After one student questioned the broader importance of dissecting a pig, high school biology teacher Young embarked on a revolutionary class to integrate biology with inquiry into the physical, mental, and spiritual nature of humans. The resulting explorations, which included following John Muir’s path through Yosemite, led to insights for the teacher and a new kind of education on biodesign for the students.

Characterization of Biomaterials
edited by Amit Bandyopadhyay and Susmita Bose
Elsevier, 2013

Biomaterials researchers come from a wide variety of disciplines: biology, materials science, tissue engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, and physics. This reference book, edited by two WSU mechanical and materials engineering professors, offers a general guide to analyze and comprehend the characteristics of different biomaterials.

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