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The Victory Team - December 1926 Alumnus magazine

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The “Victory Team”
The Alumnus, December 1926

The Cougar football year has been more of a success than had been hoped for by even the most sanguine.

Just one conference game was lost and that against the team conceded by all critics to be the strongest team in the West, U. S. C. True the “Thundering Herd” later lost to Stanford, but if news accounts of the contest are to be credited, the weakest team came out with the long end of the score.

At the beginning of the season W. S. C. was rated by football experts to close the season in the lower division of the conference, with the liklihood of landing sixth place. The coaching staff was new, the material available considered of meriocre calibre and the spirits of the student body and alumni were at ebb-tide. Certainly it was anything but an encouraging outlook.

However, the dope bucket was upset, and the “Victory Team” has steadily improved as the season advanced, with the final result of an assured position in the upper division of conference standing.

Much of the credit for this remarkable showing must go to the coaching staff headed by O. E. “Babe” Hollingbery.

Coach Hollingbery has instilled into the players the skill to win, and, what is even of greater importance, the will to win. He has demonstrated his ability to handle men, to gain their confidence and to convince his players that they could win. And, what is of equal importance, he has the respect of students, alumni, and friends of the “College of the State” by his clean and upright code of living. He is a gentleman in every sense the term implies.

But credit for the development of the “Victory Team” is also due to the able Assistant Football Coach A. B. “Buck” Bailey. His knowledge of the game has contributed in no small degree to the development of what is considered the strongest defensive line on the Coast. During the entire season no team has been strong enough to go thru or around the line for a touchdown. It has been a “stone wall” on defense.

Praise is likewise due the trainer, Dr. Wilbur Bohler. He has kept the players in good physical condition, and taken care of injured players in such an efficient way that the team has been at peak strength for every major game on its schedule.

As Mr. Goodyear recently stated in the Pullman Herald, ‘The whole community is proud of the team and its coaching staff and feel that the long winter of discontent over former defeats has been transferred into a glorious summer victory by the acquisition of Coach Hollingbery and his staff of able assistants.”

W. S. C. Keeps Gridiron Coach
The Alumnus, December 1926

Spokane, Wash., Saturday, Nov. 27, 1926—Special to the Alumnus—Coach Orin E. (Babe) Hollingbery today signed a three-year contract as head football coach at Washington State College, dispelling all doubts entertained by State followers of their ability to retain the leader who made such a remarkable success his first year in the Pacific Coast conference.

When Graduate Manager Earl Foster announced the successful conclusion of negotiations before a meeting of alumni in the Egyptian room of the Dessert Oasis today, wild aplause greeted the news. When the popular Cougar coach, accompanied by Mrs. Hollingbery, entered the dining room, he was given an ovation.

Graduate Manager Foster said the new contract provides for Hollingbery’s services on a year-around basis as a member of the faculty at the state college, although he will be entitled to the usual leaves of absence. He said Hollingbery was eager to return to Pullman, the only obstacle being presented by the long illness of his mother, who lives in San Francisco.

Announcement was made at the same time that A. B. “Buck” Bailey had also signed a three-year contract to remain as assistant football coach.

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The 1926 W.S.C. Football Team

A gallery from the December 1926 issue of The Alumnus magazine

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