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Cougars vs. Idaho - November 1926 Alumnus magazine

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The Alumnus, November 1926

Washington State opened her 1926 football season with a bang when ‘Butch” Meeker, Cougar candidate for all-Coast honors, punched 38 yards through the College of Idaho line for a touchdown on the first play of the curtain-raising game. The varsity passed, bucked and ran the ball up and down the field almost at for a score of 35 to 0, although the two teams battled on a more even basis when the entire State second string replaced the regulars.

Butch Meeker, 1926 W.S.C. quarterback
Meeker performed in great style during the entire game. His brilliant work returning punts, packing the ball around and through the line, and passing makes him one of the most dangerous backs on the Coast. Josh Lowell, Idaho backfield luminary, gave Meeker a hard race for honors, nevertheless, tackling with deadly accuracy and stopping many of the W. S. C. field general’s long ‘uns.

Three touchdowns were made by State in the first quarter before the regulars were removed to make way for the inexperienced second team men. Another tally was added in the second when Gustafson crossed the Idaho line after a series of line bucks by Dan Horan, fleet-footed full. In this canto a State linesman blocked an Idaho punt behind the Caldwell line, scoring a safety.

Koenig swelled the total in the last when he skidded over for six more points after two 15-yard penalties and a 22-yard run by Meeker placed the ball in striking distance.

A crowd of only about 1500 witnessed the contest on account of a drizzling rain, which baptized the new bleachers while rooters were singing ‘How Dry I Am.” The wet, slippery field and ball caused numerous fumbles, although none occurred during critical periods. Fred Kramer, veteran State linesman, was field captain.

Dan Horan, 1926 W.S.C. fullback
Coach “Babe” Hollingbery used every man on the squad in the tussle, giving everyone an opportunity to show his wares under fire. The first string backfield composed of Meeker, Horan, Koenig and Rohwer performed creditably with every man giving a good account of himself. The forward wall showed a need of bolstering on the wing and pivot positions but looked good otherwise.

Koenig played his usual dependable style of ball, intercepting two Idaho passes for nice gains and in addition lugged the pigskin considerable distances. In the last quarter the Cougar passing ace made a long dash, crossing the line, but the play was called offside and these tallies lost.

Horan battered his way through the Idaho line several times in a real old- style football manner. Rohwer demonstrated his punting ability and coupled with it a number of nice passes and runs. Sweet showed a flash of his old end running ability despite a leg injury.

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