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1980-1989 :: WSU celebrated its Centennial and branch campuses officially opened in Spokane and the Tri-Cities (with a Vancouver campus approved). Mount St. Helens erupted and dusted campus with one-half inch of volcanic ash and graduate Col. John Fabian became the first Cougar astronaut to fly in space. Mel Hein was touted the “greatest all-around player the game of football has seen” and kicker Jason Hanson was named first team academic All-American, while WSU athletes won four medals in the Los Angeles Olympic Games. Enrollment at WSU reached a new high at 19,303 and the 100,000th student graduated.

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5 Stunning Resume Writing Tips |

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Write a stunning resume into a golden ticket to get a new job. Not only does it help you get a new job, it is also the main reason that can help you get a better salary and position.

Resume is your marketing tool, but there is a clear distinction between promoting yourself well or being arrogant. In order for your resume look stunning, surely you need to write, convey, and well structured. Do not forget to write something that differentiates you from other candidates.

So how do you feel that your resume is ogled? What should you do to get an interview? The answer is very simple: the key to writing a great resume is by promoting the skills you have, the experience and capturing that you can so HRD understands what you want to convey and the value that is useful for the company.

Here are five things you can do to write a stunning resume:

Focus on achievement-not tasks and responsibilities:

HRD does not really care about your daily activities and what you do. But they are more interested in what you have accomplished in your old job. If your resume looks like a diary, it’s time to change your resume and focus on the achievements you’ve received. Do not forget to mention the value you have built in your old office and your future office. Writing achievements proves to be very effective to attract the attention of the reader (HRD) and distinguish your resume with other SSC candidates.

Examples of achievements you can write:

  • How do you increase the company’s main revenue
  • How you can reduce the number of outgoing budgets or improve business efficiency
  • New ideas, innovations and changes are made and produce something positive
  • Special awards, honors or awards.
  • Training and mentoring

Use a quantitative example

Just as important as the focus on achievement that has ever been achieved. An easy way to show your accomplishments and success is by example. Use numbers, figures and statistics to support your statements. For example instead of writing “increase sales, add bigger company results”, it’s better to write “increase the number of sales to 25% for 6 months”.

Use keywords

Using the right keywords in your resume will not only attract readers (HRD), but will also convince them that you look professional. Surely your resume will not be forgotten just by HRD. Improve your qualifications by creating a resume using the correct diction (word selection).

Usually HRD only takes 10 seconds just to determine whether your resume interesting or not. Summarize your qualifications well on your resume as a good start to start looking for your dream worker.

Remove unimportant information

Make sure all the information that is on your resume could increase your chances of getting your dream job. Irrelevant information will only meet your resume without adding value to you. For example if you are applying for a project manager position, be sure that your resume highlights your management skills. Remember that your resume is a golden ticket, so make sure that your resume has more value than the other candidates’ resumes.

An interesting resume will increase your chances of meeting and telling who you are and what your skills are to the HRD where you are applying for a job. Focus on your resume and promote yourself well in order to have greater dream job opportunities. If you have made an interesting resume, your next task is to devour all the questions from HRD and tell who you are at the interview.


In Memoriam – Loren A. Carson ’58 |

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Loren A. Carson (’58 Landscape Arch.), 84, April 3, 2017 , Dayton.


How To Prepare Resume for Employeemnet |

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How to prepare Resume: Some essential instructions which are useful while preparing a resume, basically resume will create a fairly impressive about the candidate and remember you should get admission/job by the first look of your Resume, so while preparing it to follow some cautions. So aspirant is advised to keep in mind the following steps while preparing resume:
1. Candidates have to use a description layout instead of scenery layout. Some candidates change the layout as they wish but it definitely irritates the interviewer.
2. Avoid spelling mistakes in the resume preparation as spelling mistakes are peak crimes in resume structure. Finding a spelling mistake in resume means it shows our careless, lows our own self-projection, without any cause interviewer will through our resume.
3. Candidates must use the spelling checkers and grammar check functions of your word processor to make sure these are extremely correct as grammatical errors and copy- pasting are next peak crimes. Candidates have to take care while copy pasting the details.
4. Next important thing is font size; candidates are suggested to use very legible font size and description of your education background must up to the point so that interview can easy connect to the candidate’s details. you can also check some news paper like employment news updates  some called as employment news today and weekly the you can get daily employement news updates available you.

5. Candidates have to mention all the achievements and interests, education background so that recruiter can catch the point of interest of the candidates.

Candidates must mention the entire particular like self and contact number, contact address etc.

Note: as resume is used to represent ourselves so candidates have to take all necessary precautions because best impression would build up by taking the first look at a resume.

Attentions to the typography will always keep you safe from the mistakes. First of all take care that your fonts are big enough. The smaller you should go is 11 points, but 12 is probably safer. Do not use capital letters all over the place, remember that your goal is to communicate a message as fast and as clearly as possible. Arial and Times new roman are good choices. Your resume should contain one or two pages at maximum. Just avoid items that will make the employer think in a negative way about you.

One of the most common mistakes that people make is to create a standard resume and send it to all the job openings that they can find. One resume for each employer will always increase your job opportunities. The same point applies to your cover letters.

Remember that you are trying to sell yourself by means of your Resume. Make sure that you resume include the most relevant and reliable information about you and please avoid the lies. This will give you an advantage over the other candidates.

Last but not least tip is Get someone else to review your resume as we usually become blind to our own mistakes or way of reasoning, so another people will be in a good position to evaluate the overall quality of your resume and make appropriate suggestions.  Wishing you all the good luck.


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Preparation tips to access Government Jobs |

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Government Job can be simply termed as ‘Safe and Secure Job’. If we observe, we will come across a lot of differences between the Government job and private job. In the Government job, we have many benefits like job security, pension plans, insurance for medical and life etc. whereas, in government jobs, the employees who want to grow financially are highly benefitted. The Government job is considered as a key to the prosperity of the employee. Once the candidate has achieved the Government job his prestige is increased.

The future of a Government employee is highly secured. The working hours of the Government job are less compared to the private jobs which mean low stress. Only a Government servant is eligible for the pension even after his retirement which is highly impossible in any other jobs. From a smaller post, one can reach to a higher level where the employee can experience luxury besides peace. Unless the employees misuse these advantages, the Government job is said to be a boon in his life.

How to face the Government examinations?

Facing an examination for the Government job is not as equal as facing our annual examination in our school/college/university. It requires strong determination, Awareness, Scenario, Study Strategy, Self-prepared study material and keeps an eye on the interview.

What made you feel achieving a Government job is a tough thing?

 The word tough arrives at our mind in two stages. Either we don’t have confidence in your skill or you are nervous. Have confident in yourself and follow these steps. Throw your nervousness in a dustbin and start your preparation peacefully. you can also get daily jobs related updates through freejobalert.

Strong Determination: The candidate should have the strong desire to achieve the job. This fire results in hard work which in turn gives the good result. Cracking a Government examination is not an easy one. Prepare time table and act according to it on your daily basis to pass out difficult hurdles to reach your dream job.

Awareness: Keep yourself updated time-to-time with the latest recruitment notices issued by the Government. If your eligibility criterion matches with the required eligibility criteria act at once and submit your application before the due date expires. The candidates are strictly instructed to follow the instructions before applying for a certain post.

Scenario: Instead of listening or following tips from others, it would be better to prepare your own scenario to make your examination much easier and comfortable. Some candidates like to read from books whereas some candidates grasp things by watching videos and some others like to learn by having an explanation from others.

Self Prepare Notes: Self Prepared notes helps the candidates at the time examination because the candidates can easily get things into their brain when they write. So, I strongly recommend you with the self-prepared notes.

Keep an eye on the Interview part too: The Government shortlists the candidates through the written test for some posts and some other posts extend this recruitment process to interview level. The candidate should listen to the interviewer carefully and then answer the question in a genuine manner. Instead of impressing, the candidate should express his views effectively. and you can also get daily

Here are some tips to plan your study strategy:

1. Update yourself with the examination schedule and its pattern.

2. Concentrate on your weak part of the study and concentrate on it.

3. Plan your time wisely from the examination preparation to the end of the examination. and you can check daily some jobs related site like govtjobsclub.in like this.

4. Instead of spending too much money on the study materials, opt for the sample test paper and mock tests. Practice helps you than just studying.

5. Know the syllabus perfectly. English and General Knowledge subjects are very commons in most examinations.

6. Improve your accuracy in answering the questions. This can be done through practicing.

7. In the examination hall, opt for the easy questions first instead of wasting your time in answering doubtful and hard questions.

 Finally, I advise the candidates to be balanced, punctual, genuine and clear in answering the questions at the time of Interview.

                                                     Hope this article surely helps you in planning your preparation schedule and examination point of view and helps you to access your success.

All the Best…


Don Ott (’82 Communications) |

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Named the first full-time Commissioner of the California Pacific Conference of the NAIA. Ott worked four years as a student assistant in the WSU athletics department, including an internship with the Pac-10 Conference. He worked for 16 years with the West Coast Conference, before transitioning to full-time ministry as a pastor in California. He oversees 12 colleges/universities in three western states with the Cal Pac.


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