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1970-1979 :: The South grandstands of wooden football stadium at Rogers Field were burned by an arsonist and Butch VI, the last living Cougar mascot, retired. Henry Rono set four world track records in distance running events and football player Jack Thompson’s jersey number 14 was retired in recognition of his passing record. Enrollment at WSU reached a high of 18,160 and the 50,000th student graduated.

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Rosemary Baker-Monaghan (’78 Forest Management) has been elected as Chair for the Clatsop Community College Board |

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Rosemary Baker-Monaghan. Courtesy of Clatsop Community College.

Board members elected Rosemary Baker-Monaghan, who represents Zone 3, as Chair. Baker-Monaghan was appointed to the Clatsop Community College Board in October 2000 and is currently serving her third elected four-year term. She is a graduate of Washington State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Forest Management and a Masters of Adult and Continuing Education. Baker-Monaghan is the Executive Director of the Liberty Theater, a board member of CEDR and the Lewis and Clark National Park Association, and chair of the Lower Columbia Tourism Committee. She served in public office from 1991 – 2003 with the City of Seaside, including positions on the Planning Commission and City Council, and as Mayor.   Originally published on the Clatsop Community College’s website.

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Alumna chosen for the Oregon Arts Commission |

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Anne Taylor (’75 Int. Des.) has been chosen to be a part of the Oregon Arts Commission. She has filled the last position on the board.

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Dr. Michael Greenlee named Nevada State Veterinarian |

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After a lengthy career with USDA-APHIS, Veterinary Services where he served as an epidemiologist and Area Veterinarian-in-Charge, Dr. Greenlee has been selected as the State Veterinarian for the Nevada Department of Agriculture.


Dan Berentson as Public Works Director |

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The Skagit County Board of Commissioners recently announced the appointment of Dan Berentson (’77) as Public Works Director.

Berentson has worked for Skagit County more than 12 years, previously serving as Natural Resources Division Manager from 2009-2014, and Communications Director/Community Liaison from 2001-2009.

A graduate of Burlington-Edison High School and Washington State University’s Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, Berentson spent more than 20 years in the newspaper industry prior to working for Skagit County. He served as Burlington City Council member in 1980s and has held leadership positions with several non-profit organizations in Skagit County.

Berentson’s father, the late Duane Berentson, served as Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Secretary from 1981 to 1993 following 18 years of services as a state legislator.

Berentson and his wife Susan (Steinmetz; WSU ’77) have three grown children and one grandchild.

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Dr. Thomas Lumpkin Receives the 2014 Outstanding Alumnus Award from the University of Hawaii |

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Dr. Thomas Lumpkin ’76, to receive the 2014 Outstanding Alumnus Award from the University of Hawaii at Manoa College of Tropical Agriculture for his work to reduce poverty and improve food security worldwide. He received a BS in agronomy with a minor in Asian Studies from WSU in 1976 and his MS in 1978 and PhD in 1983 in agronomy from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Thomas Lumpkin, the 2014 CTAHR Outstanding Alumnus, has a long-standing interest in both agronomy and Asian studies. As director general of CIMMYT, the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center, since 2008, he greatly expanded initiatives to improve the lives and economic status of people in developing countries through improvement in corn and wheat production systems, securing support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, government of Mexico and other funding sources. Lumpkin is an expert on azuki, wasabi and edible soybeans (edamame) and the use of the aquatic fern Azolla as green manure and poultry feed. He has also written books on bioconfinement of genetically modified organisms and global horticultural needs assessment.

After a 20-year career as a professor and chair of crop and soil sciences at Washington State University, he moved into international nonprofit agricultural research and development as director general of Taiwan-based AVRDC–The World Vegetable Center. Since 2007, he has also chaired the Board of Directors of Global Horticulture Initiative, which fosters collaboration in research, training and technology-generating activities. He earned his MS and PhD in agronomy at UH as an East-West Center grantee after serving in the Peace Corps in India.

From University of Hawaii at Manoa 
CIMMYT http://www.cimmyt.org/en/

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My Story authors from the 1970s

Last name First name Year graduated Major
staff My Story 2012
Greenlee Michael 1976 Veterinary Medicine
Alumni Education 2011
Larsen Thomas 1979 Social Studies/Education
Gustafson Sid 1979 Veterinary Medicine
Lincoln James 1979 Veterinary Science
Leedy Pat 1975 Education
Warren Neil 1976 Marketing
Wildesen Leslie 1973 Anthropology
Johnson Bruce 1974 Communications (Broadcast Journalism)