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1970-1979 :: The South grandstands of wooden football stadium at Rogers Field were burned by an arsonist and Butch VI, the last living Cougar mascot, retired. Henry Rono set four world track records in distance running events and football player Jack Thompson’s jersey number 14 was retired in recognition of his passing record. Enrollment at WSU reached a high of 18,160 and the 50,000th student graduated.

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Shadle Park Choir Director, Randy Fink Retires |

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After 32 years as Shadle Park choir director, Randy Fink steps down. To read more go to: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2015/may/21/shadle-park-choir-director-retiring/

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Julie Shutt Zielinski |

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Julie retired from coaching tennis at Wenatchee High School June 2012. She has written “Matt’s Last Call: Surviving Our Protector’s which was published and released October 2012.When her fun-loving, Marine Sgt., sheriff deputy son commits suicide, her world comes crashing down. Julie is now a speaker and author, WA State Concerns of Police Survivors suicide liaison and WA State representative for the Law Enforcement Suicide Foundation. She is also on the faculty of The Law Enforcement Survival Institute. Julie is passionate about saving lives particularly law enforcement and military/veterans. Her son took his life due to a failed relationship.


Tony Baker Steps Down as Editor and Publisher of The Register-Guard |

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Tony Baker, long-standing editor and publisher of The Register-Guard, steps back from day-to-day work.

To read more go to: http://registerguard.com/rg/news/local/33057659-75/r-g-publisher-tony-baker-to-step-down-former-oregonian-publisher-hired-to-lead-company.html.csp

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Arthur Bogan awarded the Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society Award |

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Arthur Bogan was awarded the Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society Lifetime Achievement Award in March 2015


Bud Withers retires from The Seattle Times |

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Courtesy The Seattle Times

Bud Withers (’70 Comm.) retired from The Seattle Times after 45 years as a sportswriter.

“Two words: Good gig. No, make that great gig. Where else do you get a front-row seat to describe triumph, heartbreak, euphoria, tragedy, all of it wound around the confounding notion that these are games, and they’re very important to a lot of people? Where else do they send you to three Summer Olympics, to 20 Final Fours, to 73 separate weekends of the NCAA basketball tournament? The whole thing was a collage of the sublime and the stupid, the magnificent and the quirky,” describes Withers.

Read more in The Seattle Times (April 11, 2015)

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My Story authors from the 1970s

Last name First name Year graduated Major
staff My Story 2012
Shutt Zielinski Julie 1975 Physical Education
Bogan Arthur 1972 Anthropology
Miller Jeffrey Boone 1973 Biochemistry
Tomsinski S. Richard 1978 Businesss Administration - Accounting
Greenlee Michael 1976 Veterinary Medicine
Alumni Education 2011
Larsen Thomas 1979 Social Studies/Education
Gustafson Sid 1979 Veterinary Medicine
Lincoln James 1979 Veterinary Science
Leedy Pat 1975 Education
Warren Neil 1976 Marketing
Wildesen Leslie 1973 Anthropology
Johnson Bruce 1974 Communications (Broadcast Journalism)