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2000-2009 :: WSU developed a test to diagnose the nation’s first case of “mad cow” disease and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donated the largest grant in WSU history for the new School for Global Animal Health. The newly-renovated Compton Union Building, Martin Stadium, and Palouse Ridge Golf Club opened. WSU Cougars had a football and men’s basketball “sweep” of rival University of Washington Huskies and the football team ended its season at the Rose Bowl. Elton John performed in two WSU Mom’s Weekend concerts and 20-year-old student Danielle Fisher was the youngest American to stand atop Mount Everest. Record high enrollment at WSU reached 21,794.

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2016 Anthony Savage Award from the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (WACDL) |

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I am honored to be receiving Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer’s 2016 Anthony Savage Award.

The award recognizes an outstanding trial performance or result achieved by an attorney in practice for less than ten years. I am being recognized for my work in USA v. Frazier, a serious felony case in the Western District of Washington that was dismissed on defense motion for a Brady violation.

“Emily wrote extensive briefing over many months, including a motion to suppress which raised questions about a confidential informant’s credibility. Just days before the suppression hearing and trial, the government disclosed new evidence that confirmed the informant had failed a polygraph. Emily immediately filed a motion to dismiss the case based on violations of Brady v. Maryland. Emily also filed motions demanding that the confidential informant be named and that more information be produced about his criminal history and department of corrections file. This revealed even more evidence that this informant had significant veracity issues, and was engaging in criminal activity at the time he was cooperating with police. Judge Jones listened to days of testimony and hours of argument before ultimately dismissing the case because of the Brady violation, after finding that the only evidence against her client came from the unreliable and untrustworthy informant. Her client was released from federal custody that same day.

According to Lee Covell, co-counsel on the case, “her work on this case was nothing short of phenomenal.”

Emily Gause owns her own firm — the Law Offices of Emily M. Gause PLLC — where she practices solely in felony criminal defense, both in federal courts and state courts across Washington State. Emily has carved an impressive reputation in the criminal defense legal community as a rising star. After graduating with a degree in criminal justice from Washington State University, Emily dove into law school with the intent of becoming a criminal defense attorney.  Emily graduated from WSU in 2006 with duel degrees in criminal justice and sociology – law and social control.

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Steve Lee serving as president of Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation |

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Steve Lee has been serving as president of the 1,000 member organization during 2016. He recently presided over the 48th annual meeting of LCTHF in Harpers Ferry, WV in July.


Science Teacher is also an Author |

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After graduating from WSU in 2003, Christi Schultz was able to get a job as a science teacher at Battle Ground High School where she loves to integrate forensics type lessons in her science classes. One lesson was published in Foresic Science teacher magazine (Issue 19, Spring 2012) Then in 2015 a life long dream was fulfilled when she published her first novel under the pen name Misty Reins. My Epiphany was soon followed by Down the Dusty Path. Then the Cabin Series came out in 2016 (He Died of a Broken Heart, Dad Baggage, Taste of Happiness and Jason’s Secret). 6 books total. These are available on kindle as well as in paperback from Amazon. She is in the processes of completing her seventh book- That was then, This is now.

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Luke Boehland accepts position with Veyo Logistics |

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Luke Boehland '00

Luke Boehland ’00

Luke Boehland (’00 Psychology) has accepted the position of Idaho Regional Manager for Veyo Logistics. In this role, he will be overseeing Veyo’s Idaho operation as they partner with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW) to provide Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) for Medicaid participants throughout the state.

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Sean Treasure ’05 publishes book aimed at helping farmers market grain |

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Sean Treasure (’05 Agribusiness) published his first book “The Farmer’s Guide to Grain Marketing.” The book is written to assist grain and oilseed producers successfully market their crops.  Treasure has worked as a grain merchandiser in Washington and Montana.

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My Story authors from the 2000s

Last name First name Year graduated Major
Gause Emily 2006 Sociology, Criminal Justice
Lee Steven 2000 Bachelors in Business Administration
Schultz Christi 2003 Education
staff My Story 2012
White Colin 2003 MIS, E-Commerce
Treasure Sean 2005 Agribusiness
Thueringer Tammy 2005 Political Science
Michelson Marcus 2002 Communications
Droker Adam 2004 Finance
Hurst Andy 2004 Communication
Zitzmann Nick 2001 Management Information Systems
Jurgensen Shelby 2006 International Business
Koubourlis Niki 2003 Real Estate and Finance
Van Eps Jennifer 2002 Fine Arts: Electronic Imaging
Mason Jeni 2006 International Business
Orth Adam 2003 Broadcast Management
Alumni Education 2011
Monhollen Judy 2007 History
Swanson Melanie 2005 Social Science
Walter Scott 2005 Higher Education Administration
Semmler Matthew 2002 Business
Canterbury Matthew 2001 psychology
Silversmith Laina 2001 Communication
Gibeault Christopher 2003 Business Administration
Online WSU 2011
Jones Holly 2002 English
Schaar Gail 2002 Communication/ Advertising