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At Home at School
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At Home at School :: Even though they are out of school, homeless and impoverished children in southwest Washington receive high-quality summer educational experiences, thanks to a WSU Vancouver program. by Hannelore Sudermann

Billions to Be Served :: Scientists and chefs at the WSU Mount Vernon Research Center’s Bread Lab study local grains and traditional baking techniques to make a better loaf. by Eric Sorensen

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Recipe: How to make artisan bread }

Shattering Some Glass—Women sportscasters breaking into the big leagues :: Women in sports broadcasting jump hurdles and work hard to succeed in the traditionally male-dominated field, as several WSU alumni can attest. by Larry Clark ’94

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Videos: Highlights from WSU sportscasters }


Global War and Christian Nationalism :: Early twentieth-century Seattle minister Mark Matthews, a confidante of Woodrow Wilson, demonstrated that evangelicals have never been indifferent to the world around them, even as they preached about the end of the world. An excerpt from American Apocalypse: A History of Modern Evangelicalism by Matthew Avery Sutton


:: Mashing up new landscapes

:: A perfect vessel for wine research

:: Trout, heal thyself

:: At center STAGE

:: Drawing on Paris experiences

:: Letters to the future

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Maps: Mashups from the WSU GIS lab }

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Gallery: Wine Science Center at WSU Tri-Cities }


:: First Words: The right work

:: Posts

:: Short Subject: Seeing Selma

:: Sports: Eat like an athlete

:: In Season: John Barleycorn lives

:: Ask Dr. Universe: Why did people invent movies?

:: Last Words: Images iconic and intimate

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Gallery: Pictures from Selma by James H. Barker }


:: Howard Copp ’57—From houseboy to husband

:: Elaine Thomas ’76—Showing some metal

:: The Clark Family—Pets, vets, and architects

:: Guillermo “Billy” Pimentel ’99—On the biodefense

:: Alumni news: Cougar pride on the road and into scholarships


In the Path of Destruction: Eyewitness Chronicles of Mount St. Helens by Richard Waitt

Coal Wars: Unions, Strikes, and Violence in Depression-Era Central Washington by David Bullock ’85 MA

Key to My Cage by Michael Kirkpatrick ’01

The Awakening by Allen Johnson ’85 PhD

On the cover: Malted grains give these WSU Bread Lab loaves their caramelized color and rich sweetness. Photo by Kim Binczewski

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In memoriam: Elson S. Floyd, PhD

President of Washington State University, 2007-2015

Read about President Floyd’s legacy on the WSU website. You can also read a special tribute to President Floyd in our fall issue available online in our webviewer, or download a PDF version of the tribute here.

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Historical and contemporary (next image) images of female athletes reflect a shift from a feminine model of sport as participation to a masculine model emphasizing competition.

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Historical and contemporary (next image) images of female athletes reflect a shift from a feminine model of sport as participation to a masculine model emphasizing competition. WSU Manuscripts, Ar

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